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Peter, the leader of a support group for people who think they have super powers, struggles to help the group as he finds out the funding is about to be cut.

The story begins with PETER being told by his BOSS that the support group will lose funding if he doesn’t manage to sort them out. Peter introduces the support group; AMANDA who believes she has the ability to control things with her mind, ALFIE who believes he’s in a film and can see the fourth wall, ZAINAB who thinks she has the ability to turn invisible when throwing a sheet over her head, and CHRIS thinks he can walk through some walls, and only knows by running head first at them.

Peter watches the group despairingly as this odd group is in shambles, constantly arguing and refusing to open up to him. Peter decides that he must try to come up with trust exercises and other therapeutic techniques to try to ‘fix’ them, all the while ignoring his own issues. However it is their individuality that end up teaching Peter a great lesson.

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Peter - Tippers Pritchard
Amanda - Evelyn Blackwell
Alfie - Joeseph Deacon
Zainab - Aggy Adams
Chris - Harvey Emmerson
Victoria Brown - Producer
Billie Rose Del - DOP & Camera Op
Alexander Soundy - Sound
Ross Williams - Editor
Jacqueline Renouard - Director

Submitted: April 1, 2018
Last Updated: April 1, 2018
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Last Downloaded: September 3, 2019

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The Writer: Jacqueline Renouard

Hello curious reader, welcome. Here is a bit about me, I'm Jac a female 25-year-old writing fanatic, I've loved writing ever since childhood, beginning with a tale about two flies fighting at the age of six. And writing my own Will apparently haha who knows how that morbid child turned into a happy-go-lucky gal such as me! I studied and gained a first in my Film and Television Production degree, and had the pleasure of doing a lot of script writing and movie making! My favourite genres are EVERYTHING, and specifically combining comedy and drama. I'd love to try out every genre and every genre combination as I am hugely inspired by films that do that. My writing style doesn't quite follow... Go to bio

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