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False Start

An African-American teenager battles racial discrimination in 1968 Alabama while pursuing a dream to play quarterback in college and dating a white woman.



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It’s 1968, where Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy, have both been assassinated. African-Americans haven’t received many opportunities to play quarterback in Division I-A, college football’s highest level. M.L. Cotton is determined to overcome those odds at Mobile County High School in Dauphin Island, Alabama. He dreams of playing quarterback in college.
M.L. fights his way into competing at the Dixieland quarterback camp in Birmingham, Alabama run by college quarterback guru Phillip Hill. Hill dislikes M.L. because he hated black quarterbacks.
At the camp, M.L. is impressive but not enough where Hill recommends him to play any position except quarterback. M.L. refuses to give up and continues to pursue opportunities.
Off the field also becomes an issue for M.L. He meets Jennifer Monet, a white Hurricane victim from New Orleans. Her family owns an oil refinery in New Orleans and worth $20 million. M.L. and Jennifer fight their parents to date. She also attends Mobile County High School and surprisingly becomes M.L. biggest supporter chasing his dream.
But will Jennifer's love and M.L.'s determination be enough for him to reach his lifelong goal?

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Won three awards at the La Dolce Vita Cine Roma Film Festival: best feature script, best screenplay and best special mention of concept.
Won three awards at the Mont. Blanc International Movie Festival: best screenplay, best feature script and best structure.
Critic's Choice Award at the 2020 Tagore International Film Festival.
Outstanding Achievement Award at 2020 Panjim International Film Festival
Official selection at the 2019 Chihuahua International Film Festival.
Official selection at the 2020 Southern Cone International Film Festival.

Submitted: September 20, 2018
Last Updated: January 16, 2022

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The Writer: JK Jones

JK Jones has been a writer his entire life. For 26 years, he worked at a newspaper on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. "A creative, interesting gentleman who writes real-life stories and dialogue," said Former Stillman College Associate Professor of Journalism Stephen Flanigan Jackson. He’s written E-books under a pen name and had a successful five-year run of best-selling E-books that started in 2009. His debut novel, Picking Cotton, is now a screenplay. During the Christmas holidays in 2014, he decided to pursue a lifelong dream of writing movies. His short screenplay, Instant Replay, was accepted by the Cannes Latitude Film Festival. Jones has written two other screenplays during this time... Go to bio

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