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Federation of Fools

A highly successful and driven bounty hunter pursues a domestic terrorist who’s conspiring with the Russian Mafia to create chaos in America, while answering to the terrorist’s estranged father: the President of the United States.



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An American self-described domestic terrorist, who goes by the name Renegade, aligns himself with a weapons dealer named Denga Betts. They are dangerous and off the grid. In a chalet in Austria, they meet with Anton Cerelli who is internationally known for illegally brokering large weapons deals. Renegade’s objective is to build a tactical nuclear bomb, and Betts knows his old friend, Cerelli, can get them the uranium they need.

The one thing that stands in their way is Judas Hammer, a stocky African American, who is an internationally renowned bounty hunter hired by the President of the United States. The president wants Renegade found and brought back safely because he is his estranged son. He elects not to get the FBI involved for fear the capture will not end well.

Cerelli’s contact with the Russians for illegal weapons deals is legendary. His association with Russian Mafia king, Bogdan Zolotov, and former Russian diplomat, Dimitri Andropov, sets the stage for obtaining uranium. Not known to Cerelli or Betts is that the Russians have an alternative motive. They know Renegade belongs to a group of sophisticated hackers and decide to take advantage of that situation. Rather than provide uranium, they want to solicit Renegade and his group to conduct a hacking operation against American banking institutions and government agencies.

Meanwhile, Hammer and his associate, Giles Townson, with the help of British friend who works for Scotland Yard, track Renegade down. They decide to try to infiltrate the group to make it easier to capture Renegade. Townson, who has an extensive weapons background, is successful in getting inside. At the same time, the FBI confronts the president about his son. The president acknowledges his estranged son is up to no good but denies any interaction with a bounty hunter. The FBI informs the president they will pursue him.

Renegade and members are operating out of Betts’ house in Ruidoso, New Mexico. They decide to build the bomb at an old bunker close to Los Alamos laboratories. Renegade’s indecision to pick a target for the bomb he wants to build leads Betts to consider a five-million-dollar proposal by Zolotov to have Renegade and his group contact a cyber-attack, which they plan to conduct out of an outpost in Greenland.

Townson, now well established in the group, keeps the president informed. When he finds out about the hacking plan, he tells the president he will move in and get Renegade. Regardless of the big bucks, Renegade decides he wants to build a bomb and refuses to work with Russians. The Russians, not happy with that decision, go to Ruidoso and after a fire fight, captures Renegade and a couple of members including Townson.

Hammer, upset he could not capture Renegade, goes to Greenland to finalize the deal. By now, the FBI knows about Hammer and also about the pending cyber-attack. They go to Greenland as well. Hammer, breaching the secret location, is captured by the Russians. When the Russians find out that Hammer is hunting Renegade, the son of the President of the United States, they become concerned, but want to conduct the attack regardless. The FBI moves in and storms the location. At the same time, Hammer is taking care of business in a back room: taking down the Russians. The FBI finally moves in, and they arrest Renegade.

At FBI headquarters, the FBI interviews Hammer about what went down. They realize he was just doing a job based on his livelihood. The president on the other hand, being complicit in secretly trying to find his son and not being up front with the FBI, is not charged, but decides to not run for reelection.

Hammer, on a well-deserved vacation in Turks and Caicos, is approached by an agent of the Israeli Mossad. He tells Hammer they are tracking a dangerous international terrorist and wants his help. He says he’ll think about and when the agent disappears, he sits in his lounge chair, drinks his Piña Colada, and happily gazes out at the beautiful blue water, anticipating his future.

Submitted: April 7, 2020
Last Updated: August 6, 2020

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The Writer: R.L. Galbraith

I grew up in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I retired from the United States Air Force in 1992 after 24 years of service. Following my Air Force career, I pursued a career in industry supporting intelligence agencies as a researcher and intelligence specialist. I am now retired. I have been writing for a number of years; now that I’m free from long hours and difficult caseloads, I have time to finalize much of my work. I feel like I have good stories to tell, and ready to turn my scripts into marketable, plausible films. Go to bio

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