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A pair of 4x4 rock climbing RzR enthusiasts get more than they bargain for on a weekend outing into the high Oregon Mountains when a group of ominous strangers threaten their lives.

As Eddie and Tom embark on the most sought after rock climbing mountain in Oregon in their 4x4 Polaris RzRs, they realize that they are not alone and meet up with three Strangers, faces made up as skulls, and standing by their Rock Crawler, a much bigger more capable rock climbing rig.

After a couple of run-ins with these Strangers and finding an animal impaled by an arrow close to their tent, they come to realize that this could be the malicious work of the Strangers they met earlier, and decide to cut their trip short and head back for the staging area.

When they arrive, they are shocked to see that Tom's truck tires had been pierced by arrows and his windshield shattered. They make a dash back to their RzRs, when suddenly, the swooshing sound of an arrow rockets past the trees and strikes Tom's right RzR tire, causing it to hiss flat.

Tom hurry’s out from his RzR and hides behind it, but becomes a clear target and is struck in the leg by another arrow. He screams for help.

Eddie puts his life on the line and rushes for Tom pulling him to safety, as a trail of blood follows behind.

He grabs Tom's hand to apply pressure over the blood gushing wound, then quickly runs back to Tom's RzR, pulls a gun and shoots into the direction of where the arrows might be coming from, giving them just seconds to make their getaway back into Eddie's RzR and drive off.

Soon after, they skid near an entrance but realize it has been blocked with mounds of forest debris and by the very Strangers who want them dead. Right then, Eddie and Tom are forced to go back in the same direction they tried to flee from.

After countless nail-biting, death-defying close encounters, sharply elevated narrow paths and slippery trails, Eddie's RzR, and only lifeline back to civilization, is swept away into Gales Creek River, one of the fastest moving rocky rivers in Oregon.

And as they hike through a thick forest and a slew of unforeseen circumstances to find it, Tom realizes that even an ex-marine needs to rest and lies against a nearby tree.

Though reluctant, Eddie must leave his best friend behind so that he can find his RzR but then when he returns, sees that Tom has been taken.

Now, Eddie must learn the way of a hunter instead of being hunted. He pushes both his mental and physical capabilities, knowing that each pressing moment that goes by gets closer to Tom's last, and that He must fight to save Tom from these Strangers and on the most dangerous climb of all… Bone Crusher Trail.

Submitted: February 8, 2019
Last Updated: March 16, 2019

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The Writer: Eddie Regory

Hello everyone! I'm so glad to have found this site! So, here it goes... I'm originally from New York City but consider myself a Portland, Oregon native. I love all movies including the stupid ones (life's too short not to try them) going on long bike rides, animals but especially dogs. I am self-employed and work really hard at everything I start. I'm constantly thinking of ways to make others feel better about themselves, I give where I can, whether it’s my knowledge as a mechanic or a lending ear to anyone who just wants to talk. I'm married to my grade school sweetheart, Hazel for some 28 years now and have a 15-year-old daughter, Eliana. I have a white dog named Blanco and a very cool... Go to bio