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Medical drama focusing on two young, black doctors from different walks of life who train to become medical examiners, while navigating through professional and personal politics of race, class, relationships in the medical profession.

Two young, black doctors are recipients of a forensic pathology fellowship in Los Angeles, California which allows them to train and become certified medical examiners. The Manchester, England-born and raised Dr. Jarvie Quayle is the son of the local coroner and general practitioner who graduated from the esteemed Manchester School of Medicine, prefers to work under his more serious middle name Hunter to avoid the bias his first name brings. While there, he befriends another "black man in a white coat", the Louisiana-born Dr. Camille Gallien, the Louisiana Creole son of a faith healer and Blues woman, graduated from the popular HBCU, Morehouse College and the School of Medicine. For Gallien, becoming a forensic pathologist helps continue his family tradition of healing by offering families and loved ones much-needed results to suspicious and mysterious deaths after enduring the stress from not knowing. But for Quayle, the stakes are higher as he enters into a "safer" medical specialty after the guilt of losing a patient on the operating table during his residency. But they both quickly learn, along with their colleagues and supervisors, being a medical examiner is a job in which they will risk their lives daily to the effects of crime, long work hours, PTSD, potential sociopaths, and exposure to illness and infection whilst navigating the politics of race, religion, and orientation within the medical profession and in their private lives.

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The Writer: Benjamin Hinnant

A Georgia native and ex-military (11Bravo), I began writing in 2001 when a friend asked me to script a short feature for him. I accepted the challenge and found the experience rewarding. This is when I decided to commit my spare time to creating a second career for myself as a writer. I did manage to land an agent after completing my first full-length, legit screenplay, but nothing ever came of it. I've since completed a handful of other feature scripts and a pilot and am working on several more projects. It has been an off and on struggle getting my work noticed by the right filmmakers, but I remain dedicated to my talent knowing that it is about being ready at the right place and at... Go to bio

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