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First Duty

When terrorists capture his family, agent Michael Lambert faces an agonising dilemma and a deadly battle of wits with a relentless, ruthless enemy.



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First Duty

Michael Lambert works for a British security agency leading the fight against national and international threats. He is currently personal bodyguard to the director, Edward Matheson. A popular figure, Matheson has recently masterminded a high-profile victory against the forces of Islamic terrorism. Unbeknownst to him and his colleagues, a vicious retaliatory plot is under way.

One morning, a mercenary known only as Smith tricks his way into Lambert’s home. Assisted by three British/Arab men, he snatches wife Cassie, son Alex and daughter Jess, then reveals what Lambert must do to keep them alive.
Smith gives Lambert a phone and explains that if he hasn’t received a video of him assassinating Director Matheson by midday, Lambert will receive a video: of his family being killed. Barely able to keep his emotions in check – but with no choice other than to cooperate – Michael sets off for the agency’s headquarters. Smith meets up with his compatriots at the warehouse where the hostages are being held.

In a frantic race against time, Michael immediately tries to learn what he can about his enemies but Smith is a ghost, the investigations leading only to dead ends. And after Smith sends a clip of him tormenting the family, Michael realises he has to comply. Torn between love and duty, he confronts Director Matheson, ready to pull the trigger. But when the agency’s chief of security intervenes, Michael is persuaded that – together – they can still defeat Smith and save his family. This plan is put at risk by the revelation that another agent is being coerced but Michael talks him down.

Meanwhile, Smith also finds obstacles in his path and discovers that the other members of the Lambert family are determined to ruin his plans: Jess secretly steals a phone and alerts her father to their location.
An agency strike team is sent to the warehouse but they find only an empty building. They have been outwitted by Smith, who now reverts to his back-up plan while his compatriots flee with their captives. Defying his superiors, Michael escapes headquarters and tracks down the truck, where his family are being held. He takes out two of the terrorists but a third is armed with a suicide vest. With a little help from Alex, Michael also defeats this threat.

He thinks his ordeal is over but Smith has a final card to play. He earlier planted a bomb in Michael’s car which he now detonates, knowing that the agency staff – including Matheson – will flee to a safe area called The Bunker. As Smith sneaks into The Bunker and closes in on his target, Michael arrives for a final confrontation with his enemy.

Submitted: December 4, 2020
Last Updated: March 16, 2021

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The Writer: Nick Brown

Nick's Cold War thriller Angel Three was shot in Canada in 2022 and is currently in post-production. The film was directed by Anita Doron (writer of Oscar-nominated The Breadwinner ) and stars Nahema Ricci (Best Actress, 2020, Canadian Screen Awards). Angel Three was produced by Bunk 11 Pictures and Genco Pictures and is scheduled for release this year. The sci-fi thriller Five Below was optioned by RedOne Studios via Script Revolution and is currently in pre-production. Nick is the creator of the Agent of Rome novels (historical fiction) which concluded with book 7 in 2019. Described as 'gripping' by The Times, the series has been translated into Spanish and Dutch. Nick is represented for... Go to bio
Agency: Blake Friedmann
Agent: Julian Friedmann

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