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First Generation

When a female android takes her pet in for repairs, an accident turns her world upside down and reveals her entire existence has been a lie.



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The future is, bright, shiny, sophisticated and enjoying a retro 1950's vibe. Or is it? A female android takes her pedroid dog in for repairs and shares a few words with the male android who runs the joint. Another thing they share is an identical ankle unit that vibrates and is inexplicably drawn to one another.

Their ankles connect and BANG, they are flung apart with force. The shock leaves them damaged and confused. Their bodies are no longer constructed of sophisticated circuitry with a life-like appearance, they are alive and made of flesh and blood; which is leaking from their ankles.

Their surroundings have also altered. No longer sleek and shiny, it's rusty... falling apart.

A couple of clanky steam and clockwork powered medical units arrive to assist. Our duo is whisked away in a rustbucket ambulance. As they travel, afraid, confused and subject to strange outbursts of emotion, they peer at the dystopian world outside.

At the hospital, they are treated by a medical A.I. who informs them they are rare first generation units who have the ability to self-repair minor damage, but the knowledge of how they were constructed has been lost. The ankle units act as monitors but also create the illusion of a better existence to help them deal with the environment, which is beyond repair.

They are left with a choice. Fit new ankle monitors and live their brief lives in a fantasy world but apart to avoid similar accidents, or be together existing in a bleak world.

The action skips forward ten years. The pair now run a vetanraian clinic which currently looks after a sick rat. They decide to go out for a stroll down a deserted, dystopian street, with their 9-year old son, and enjoy a day out together as a family.

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Submitted: November 19, 2020
Last Updated: November 19, 2020

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The Writer: Mark Renshaw

Mark is a writer/producer and a Page Awards semi-finalist. He is also the winner of the inaugural Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship. He is based in the north-west of the UK, near Manchester. Mark has written and produced three award-winning short films in transatlantic collaborations. His first two films No More Tomorrows and Surrender are available on Amazon Prime. Both enjoyed a successful run on the independent film festival circuit and won several awards. His latest, a sci-fi short called The Survivor: A Tale From The Nearscape has a worldwide distribution deal with Meridian Releasing. Mark also helped produce a web series called So Dark and a short horror film called The Dollmaker which... Go to bio

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