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For the Love of Joe



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Philandering romantic dies, and must help the women from his past find true love. But playing matchmaker from the afterlife is not easy.

JOE TAPERTH 50’s, is a romantic lover of women, but his problem is he wants to romance all women. Joe has fallen for hundreds of women ever since he first discovered the opposite sex at the age of 14. He pursued them and made each of them feel special like they were the most beautiful person in the world. The problem is Joe could not stop his wandering eye, and so he would move on to his next romantic conquest, but he always let his lovers down in such a way that they almost felt as if it was their fault for failing him. They all even attended his funeral and not just to make sure he was dead. Well, most of them.

Joe now in his 50’s and married yet again passes away unexpectedly and he comes face to face with his past. It turns out Joe left many of these women with a hole in their hearts that prevented them from moving on as easily as Joe did. So now Joe in the afterlife finds that he must atone to these women before he can move on. Assisted by the spirit of his first romance, Daniel who passed on before him, he must his help, his past lovers find the true love that he took from them, and that he never found. But playing matchmaker as a spirit is no easy task, and Joe must navigate nudging his past partners to their true soul mates while also dealing with the feelings that he still has for each of them.


Joe a successful chef and restaurateur in San Francisco are out to dinner with his wife Joy. They are celebrating their wedding anniversary when Joy confronts Joe about his affair with a waitress. Joe starts to defend himself telling Daniel she knew who he was and that he loves her, but will always have affairs when Joe drops dead.

Joe wakes up in the afterlife and is met by his first love, Stephanie, Joe's first love older women who taught him how to please a woman and how to be a true romantic. Stephanie explains to Joe that his life of selfishness and womanizing had severe impacts on the women in his life. Many of them could never find true love after he broke their hearts, and this is keeping him from moving on to the afterlife. Because of her early influence on him, she will be his guide and that he must help all the women from his past find the true love they sought in him.

Joe and Stephanie arrive at Joe's memorial where he must help his ex-wife Pamela make a connection with her true love, another friend of Joe's who is also at the memorial. But Joe is conflicted as his old feelings for Pamela come back. The limitations of being a spirit daunt Joe. He can only make suggestions to the living. But with Daniel's assistance, Joe whispers to Pamela that she should talk to Michael. But Michael is shy and not very good with women so Joe must whisper advice to Michael on how to romance Pamela.

When Michael takes Pamela out for drinks after the memorial Joe and Daniel are exasperated at how difficult it is to get to fall in love. But in the end Joe and Daniel are successful and Joe takes his first step towards the afterlife.

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The Writer: Shawn Decker

Shawn Decker, Creator and head writer at Cafenuvo Productions. Currently working on six TV pilots that range from Female-centric strong women vs misogynist company to political comedies and two Dramas. Seeking to network with other industry professionals in collaboration and creating intelligent programs. Go to bio

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