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For Your Dreams

A hardy country girl with nothing to lose is forced to transport drugs by a small-town crook, but instead she double-crosses him in a last-ditch bid to fulfill her sister's dreams in Vegas.



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A battered old pickup truck hauls ass through the Texas backroads. At the wheel is SAVANNAH JOHNSON, a hardy country girl and beside her, with a beer in hand, is her sister GINGER, a little younger and a lot more innocent. These girls have their joyride interrupted when they pick up two shady Hitchhikers next to a broken-down car. The kind act quickly comes back to bite them when the Hitchikers turn out to be carrying drugs and they get into a car chase with the local Sheriff resulting in the girls spectacularly crashing and Ginger thrown into prison. With an alcoholic mother, a deceased father she watched die at her feet during a home invasion, and nowhere else to turn, Savannah is blackmailed into running meth for the Druglord the Hitchhikers were originally working for - an operation all run behind the front of an exotic car dealership. However, what Savannah has kept secret from everyone is she’s been saving every dollar she can from her job as a barmaid and, with the help of a shady Lawyer who sympathizes with her situation, bails Ginger out.

Once behind the wheel of the muscle car she’s been given by the Druglord to complete the job, Savannah hightails it out of town with her sister, shaking off the Sheriff and his deputies in a frantic car chase and with a plan to run to Vegas where she hopes Ginger can live out her lifelong dream of becoming a dancer. The only problem, they need to make the drug deal to find the money to survive. The Druglord, delayed by covering up his operation from the Sheriff, sets off after them and the hunt is on. The girls get to Dallas and make the meeting but the Meth Heads want to hang out at a local club where Ginger demonstrates what an incredible dancer she is while Savannah shows how much guilt she’s carrying for the death of their father. Once back at a shady motel room and trying to complete the deal, the Meth Heads try to hold Savannah and Ginger hostage for sex but quickly find they picked on the wrong girls. However, as Savannah and Ginger flee just before the Druglord arrives, what they thought was going to be a bag of cash transpires to be a bag full of cocaine.

The girls race through the night, Savannah pushing herself too hard until she falls asleep at the wheel and nearly runs them head-on into a train. Deciding to pull into the woods to sleep, Savannah admits to Ginger that she has no fear of death, dreams of being united with their dead father, and will stop at nothing to give Ginger the life she deserves. Meanwhile, the Druglord interrogates the Meth Heads and learns the drug deal was actually a setup to plant a tracking device on him which had been secluded in the bag of cocaine, a device he can now use to track the girls. Savannah and Ginger awaken to find their car buried in mud and have to bribe a local Mechanic with a tow truck, something Savannah does using sex in his workshop. Once back on the road, the girls have a heart to heart and, while Savannah admits she’s been concerned they might not make it, Ginger reminds her that, despite everything in life always being against them, they have never given up before, so why throw in the towel now?

With the gas tank now running dry, their pockets empty, Vegas on the horizon, and a couple of firearms in their possession, Savannah and Ginger conclude they only have one option left - to hold up a gas station and get just enough fuel to reach the finish line. However, in the dead of the night, when they go to execute this plan, they find themselves faced with a hard-as-nails Veteran with a sadistic streak behind the counter and unwilling to cooperate. While Savannah manages to control the situation and get the money from the register by force, she finds herself staring down the barrel of a gun the Veteran has been hiding with no intention to back down herself and more than willing to die to protect her sister. With Ginger begging her to back down and the standoff growing more and more intense, the Druglord arrives on the scene and triggers a chaotic gunfight in which Savannah takes a bullet and appears to be done for. However, Ginger steps up to the plate and, with her injured sister by her side, the girls gradually fight their way out, go face to face with the Druglord, and with smoke pouring from the tires of their ride, head toward the golden glow of their dream destination having both gone through a much-needed rite of passage.

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"Fun writing - escapism at its best with a tinge of 1970s carsploitation films."

"Given the relatively low budget needed, the solid bad-ass roles for 2 up-and-coming actresses, and the amount of gunplay and car chases, this would seem to have excellent prospects as a small-scale action film."

"This script has clear roots in THELMA & LOUISE, but distances itself enough by its unique and well rounded characters to make it feel unique. The recent surge of female-driven movies would allow this the find its place in the current market. The strong female characters would be an enticing pull for many actresses, further augmenting the potential of being an attractive property."

"The script owes an obvious debt to films like THELMA & LOUISE or even the TV show THE DUKES OF HAZZARD, but FOR YOUR DREAMS not only distinguishes itself from its tonal predecessors, but cleverly plays on their genre conventions"

Submitted: July 6, 2016
Last Updated: February 3, 2023

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The Writer: CJ Walley

I’m here for the gritty movies, the rebellious movies, those films that pack a punch far harder than their budgets would suggest. As a spec script writer, I love to create pulpy thrillers, mostly with female leads, that feature strong themes, brutal action, witty dialogue, and twisting scenes that have characters vying for power or falling for one another. As a producer and writer-for-hire, I’m production savvy, budget conscious, and market orientated, able to write in a variety of styles and genres with the ultimate goal to entertain viewers while turning profit for investors. 2012 was the year I started screenwriting from Staffordshire, England and it’s been a hell of a ride, from my... Go to bio

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