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A mentally ill teenager must overcome bullying and his illness which includes hallucinations or else he will wind up killing himself just like his girlfriend who still haunts him (literally) did.

Dean Knight and his girlfriend Jenny try to commit suicide, but only Jenny succeeds. Dean winds up in a psychiatric hospital undergoing ECT. To make matters worse, he learns his mother has died and he is to live with a father whom he thought was dead.

Troubles for Dean continue at his new school when he becomes the victim of bullies. The torment worsens when the bullies think he is having a homosexual affair with a boy named Seth. Dean tells the bullies that he hit on Seth instead of the truth because he does not want the bullies to target Seth. Seth and Dean become fast friends, but Dean begins to realize that Seth has his own mental issues.

Another boy, Richie, loves Seth and is extremely jealous when he thinks that Dean and Seth are an item. He especially hates it when Seth denies that he's gay. Richie posts pictures on social media of him and Seth. Both Richie and Seth get beaten up. The irony is that everyone thinks that Richie was beaten up by bullies, but Seth is the one who attacked him. Seth, who has a fascination with guns, succumbs to his illness and takes a weapon to school.

Dean is able to stop him before Seth kills dozens of students.

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Freak was a Quarterfinalist in the Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition. It was also a top-five finalist in the Courage and Fortitude spotlight award.

Submitted: February 1, 2020
Last Updated: March 23, 2020
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The Writer: Steve Cross

Steve Cross is a freelance writer who lives in Poplar Bluff, MO. Cross is a retired English teacher who has published poetry, fiction and drama. He has been a quarterfinalist in both the Bluecat and the Fresh Voices screenplay contests. Through Script Revolution he has sold one screenplay. This past year, he has had one YA novel published and two others selected for publication. When not writing, he and his wife Jean enjoy spoiling the grandchildren. He works part time for Three Rivers Community College and loves Cardinals baseball. Go to bio

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