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Gat Finger

A grievously mutilated young man falls for a burn-scared young woman. Before they can settle down, the ruthless gang, who shot his eye out, murdered his family, must be brought to justice.



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Synopsis: Story of a young man who escapes murderous robbers, only to be horrifically disfigured. He is rebuilt by a kindly old Blacksmith, and is reborn as the superhero Gat Finger, who then seeks retribution upon the gang who mutilated him, killed his family, and stole an important family treasure. Gat Finger sports a Gatling-gun, where his hand once resided, and a Steampunk monocle which brings super-power sight to his shot-out eye. He is joined in his quest for vengeance by an Asian man, Robin-san, who becomes his Gunslinger sidekick.

TOTAL REFACTOR. Excised bugs and fixed plot holes. For an audio-book/Podcast-like product, see my www.GAT website.

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Page-Turner (UK) Finalist, 2022 for both Spec Screenplay and also Screenplay (TV)
Page-Turner (UK) Long-List, 2022, TV Episodic (GAT FINGER.)

Submitted: August 3, 2019
Last Updated: March 23, 2023

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The Writer: Cumberlain Rattlesnake

Award-winner (Austin Film Festival, 2019) ORTEGA HIGHWAY neo film-noir spec screenplay is available for your reading pleasure. As well as award-winner GAT FINGER (Austin Film Festival, 2022.) GAT FINGER TV (TV episodic) is also an award-winner and has now been SHORT-LISTED at Page-Turner Awards (UK.) This short list is one step nearer to winning the contest; the prize includes possible representation of my work. My friend, Mr. Thompson, a writer here at ScriptRevolution, had a bit-part in GAT FINGER, but it is now a significant multi-line speaking part, complete with a western showdown and terrible shoot out. Enjoy. Perhaps there is room in my scripts for others? ;) To the other helpful... Go to bio

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