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When he loses his job, girlfriend and the respect of his father a struggling open mic comic goes on the road to find himself and his funny.

Jake Stevens has a great life: his girlfriend loves him, he has a good job and some talent as a stand up comic. His brother Ken is battling cancer and having already seen his mother descend into a lengthy losing battle with the disease the comic ignores it (and refuses to visit his mother's grave).

When he loses his job, and descends into his own depression, his girlfriend leaves him. Given a choice of a taking a job he hates in a place he doesn't want to be in, or going on the road and telling jokes to see if he can make it as a comic, Jake decides to throw his belongings in and hit the road. Each stop on the road gives him perspective on his life.

He meets Lindsay in small town Tennessee, a small town singer who shares his creative passions and jaded nature. A talented musician, she's unhappy because trying to get people to hear her sing is difficult because she wants to be known for her talent, not her looks. They have a connection and wind up talking throughout Jake's road trip.

He visits one of his closest friends, George, in small town Georgia. Jake hits a low point, getting so drunk he falls into a swamp, and sees that he has grown up over the years since.

After there he visits another close friend, Brad, a professional gamer of note. He hits his lowest point here, getting so drunk he bombs on stage and winds up waking up in bed with women he doesn't know after having done god knows what.

From there he makes a trip to see his brother Ken, stricken with cancer. Finally talking to his brother, and dealing with the past, the two catch up and have a moment together. Ken just wants to see his daughter before he dies and Jake doesn't want to see him die.

After that he returns home to get his life in order. Finally visiting his mother's grave for the first time in years, he realizes that the one woman he wanted to be there isn't and makes a grand gesture to visit Lindsay.

Slammer's is full and Lindsay is nervous ... and Jake walks through the bar looking for, earning the ire of the Bouncer, and winds up finding her behind the bar. He pours out his heart and they kiss.

Submitted: March 27, 2019
Last Updated: April 14, 2019

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The Writer: Scott Sawitz

Analyst 9-5, writer/director at all points before and after. Character-centric writer who's a whiz with dialogue. I like to find people at a specific point in their life, how they got there and how they deal with the consequences of their actions. I funded, cast, lensed and released a web series in under a calendar year. You can watch "Confessions of a Superhero" on YouTube in its entirety. My latest short film, "The Executioner's Dilemma" is currently on the festival circuit and can be viewed on YouTube. My original screenplay "The Merc: Fake Tales of a Real Man" was optioned by Pause 'n' Rewind LLP in December 2017 with a Fall 2018 production date Go to bio

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