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Get the Italian

A mob accountant on the run must step up his plan of revenge when the ski resort town he is living in is exposed turning it into the hitman mecca of the west.



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For the past two years, Mickey D'Angelo has lived a quiet false life in the cozy resort town of Ouray, Colorado. He is really an the son of an Irish mob accountant and is also on the lam from the Feds for reneging on a witness deal. He keeps his family up in Seattle, figuring they will be safer away from him. His plan? To wait it out 'til the brothers suspicions cause them to implode on each other.

Up to now the only threat has been from two rival moronic sisters trying to cash in on the two million dollar bounty and win the approval of their manipulating incarcerated father. This minor annoyance is about to grow into a major headache as the two sisters decide to step up their game. This leads to Mickey's location being exposed and a number of hitman, both amateurish and professional, head to the resort town.

Adding to Mickey's problem is his new neighbor, a former New York City cop with a pitbull mentality and craving for the "big case" she misses. Despite the fact she moved here to get her new born son away from the crime of a big city, she can't give up her "craving for the action." Though the two bond on many levels, she just can't let go of her "hunch" about him..

With action in the city becoming too big for the incompetent town police to handle and with longing for his family, Mick decides to step up his time table. Instead of waiting for the action to take place, Mick puts it in motion.

What follows is a wild ride of hysterical chaos that ends in a a father keeping his pledge to his daughter and a cop who comes to realize that being a mom is what really defines her.

COMPS: Think “The Fugitive” meet “It’s a Mad, Mad ,,Mad World.”

Note: A more detailed synopsis and pitch is available upon request.

Submitted: June 27, 2019
Last Updated: August 10, 2020

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The Writer: John Iannucci

After 45 years of successful coaching at the college and high school levels, I took a bold step, deciding to exchange my whistle and clip for pen and paper and return to my childhood love of writing. My very first completed script, "7 days in La Suerte," finished in the top 20% in the prestigious Nichols and was a finalist in the Austin Table Reads. Since then I have written four more unique, dynamic, high concept scripts that feature complex arcs, unique characters and situations and deep human themes and am right now looking for possible production. Finished, polished scripts: THE LAST GOOD MAN (Most recently finished 8/20) GENRE : Crime drama LOGLINE: A man, who wakes up in a basement... Go to bio

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