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In the tumultuous aftermath of the massive 2010 Haiti earthquake, two young girls are kidnapped and trafficked into America, the land of the free, as child sex slaves.

In the turbulent aftermath of the massive 2010 Haiti earthquake, two young girls become the helpless victims of a politically deceptive, ruthless and predatory cartel that thrives on devouring the innocence of children. In parallel, two adult strangers meet by chance at an empty house in an upscale Washington D.C. neighborhood where they become aware of a disturbing party at the mansion next door. They investigate the unfolding activities and uncover, piece by piece, an elite network of satanic traffickers.

Alice, 5, and Carisa, 6, are best friends in their Haitian seaport city of Port-au-Prince. Alice’s father, a wealthy Creole merchant loves her and also keeps an empathetic eye on the less fortunate Carisa.

All three, enjoying an afternoon on the dock, are suddenly caught up in a massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake. Alice and Carisa cling to each other and watch in terror as Alice’s father is swept away right before they, moments later, fall downward into a dark crevice, and disappear...

Meanwhile, Eli Daigh, a sturdy strong worn and weary plumber arrives at a house-call in the elite Washington, D.C. neighborhood of Kalorama. At the house, a rental, he meets Ashley, a fit and fabulous realtor who needs help with the basement. There is friction between the two as Eli is quick tempered and dismissive of Ashley, the pretty but verbally scorching realtor.

Ashley begins to tell Eli about her younger years in California and suddenly falls into a trance state. Eli realizes Ashley has a neurological issue and warms up to her a bit. He tells her a little about growing up in Milwaukee and what happened there to his best friend.

Eli and Ashley are outside the rental house when they notice an odd party going on at the mansion next door. There are several children wearing costumes. There are several wealthy men at the party wearing animal masks. What is the purpose of the party?

Eli follows one of the men attending the party to his car and slides unnoticed into the trunk. When the man parks and exits the car Eli calls Ashely to pick him up; they follow him to a hotel where they lose him and return to the rental house. There they see a man loading plastic bags into a van parked at the mansion next door; the man drives the van away. Eli sneaks into the darkened mansion while Ashley follows the man driving the van to a restaurant. Provoked, Ashely kills the driver of the van and descends into the basement of the restaurant. Eli, inside the mansion now, notices horrific art work hanging on the walls. He creeps downstairs and sees rooms with symbols on the doors. He enters a room with a video recorder just as the mansion’s security guard finds him. They brawl. Eli walks out.

Ashley and Eli go back to the restaurant the next morning and find the men they were following the night before in the midst of a transaction with several eastern European men. They kill all the men except one, the owner of the mansion where the previous night’s party was held. They also find a young girl there and take her with them. Ashley and Eli take the man to a secluded farm and demand the names of the people involved with the kidnapping of the children. He tells them a few names, including the head of the trafficking ring.

Ashley, Eli and the girl travel back to D.C. and confront the head of the child trafficking network who is a very wealthy, politically connected member of the Illuminati. This man has a history with Ashley. She is afraid but prepared. She confronts her demon.

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The Writer: Joseph Deegan

I grew up in Chicago and moved to San Francisco to enroll in The Drama Studio London's acting program based in Berkeley. After appearing in plays and movies, managing punk bands and producing vinyl records & CDs in the Bay Area, I moved to LA for several years and began writing screenplays. I have since moved to Austin, Texas where I continue to write. Go to bio
Lawyer: Eric Elias

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