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A failed preacher re-imagines Christianity through making the Golden Rule his life's creed, but unexpected business success runs him afoul of organized labor, threatening to expose in him the same religious hypocrisy he so detests.


Fast-tracked for religious leadership by the elders of his church, gifted young Arthur Nash's future seems settled. But when church elders judge a close friend and mentor as hell-bound, Arthur abandons his faith, his family, and his religious ambitions.

Hardened by five long years as an itinerant worker and train-hopping hobo, Arthur meets his future wife, herself a Christian. But their years together do little to soften his critical assessment of Christianity's “failures,” nor his relentless impulse to vocalize it. An unusual opportunity comes when a preacher friend asks Arthur to fill in for him, assigning as Arthur's topic: “The Trouble with Christianity.”

As he prepares his damning sermon, Arthur's eldest son is injured in WWI, then his younger son enlists, sending Arthur plummeting into despair. For comfort, he turns to the gospels, finding new meaning in the passage: “… all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.” Becoming convinced of the law of reciprocity — or the Golden Rule — as the guiding principle for human relationships, he makes this the thesis for his sermon.

But Arthur's belief is soon tested when, in haste, he purchases a tailoring factory that turns out to be a sweatshop. Though lacking funds to raise his workers' wages, he fully commits to treating them as he would want to be treated if he were them, and doubles or triples their pay anyway.

Certain he is financially ruined, Arthur goes on the road, shopping for a farm for retirement once forced to liquidate his business. When he returns, he is astonished to discover his factory has tripled production. As his business continues to grow at a phenomenal rate, “Golden Rule Arthur Nash” becomes a local, then national celebrity, sparking controversy and attracting criticism from the labor union, the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America.

The Amalgamated targets Arthur's factory for organization, propagandizing and waging war in the newspapers, solidifying factory workers' hostility toward unionization. While Arthur travels the nation on the success of what soon becomes two “Golden Rule factories,” factory conditions deteriorate deprived of his charismatic presence. Infiltrated by Amalgamated members, workforce unrest is triggered from within, Arthur's own sons siding firmly with the factory's anti-union sentiment. Industry holds up Arthur's Golden Rule plan as a “model scheme for licking unionism,” while the Amalgamated, with iconic labor leader, Sidney Hillman, at the helm, joins forces with the Federal Council of Churches, and together they threaten to expose Arthur as a religious hypocrite — the one criticism the man Arthur Nash cannot bear.

Untold for nearly a century, Golden Rule Arthur Nash's gripping and inspiring tale comes to light, keenly and undeniably relevant at this compelling juncture in our own history.

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2019 Scriptation Showcase Script Competition Semi-Finalist
2019 Finish Line Script Competition "Selected" for Festival
2017 Finish Line Script Competition "Selected" for Festival

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"This is a very positive and heartwarming story that has the potential to appeal to a wide variety of people, regardless of their faith or beliefs. It's the tale of a man coming to terms with his life and the way he wants to live it. The author took a very interesting subject In Arthur Nash and made this a moving tale of his struggle that reads like more of a real life than an encyclopedia page. I think in the right hands that this could be a terrific film that affects people in a real emotional way." -AFF Reader

"This is a very well-drawn biopic... The script not only analyzes this man and his internal conflict, but that of the nation during the post-war Industrial Revolution. The script is very structurally sound and tight and the voice and dialogue pair perfectly with the time period without becoming tedious. Arthur's life is rife with intrigue and conflict, making for a great biopic subject... this script could garner attention for the writer." -Notes from The Blacklist

"This script is well written and has the potential to bring a strong inspirational story to light." -Notes from Finish Line Script Competition

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The Writer: Cheryl Boyles

Long before I could print my name, I was "writing" dialogue. As a child, I did a lot of pretending and talking to myself, but this thrilling process of creating conversation involved editing — the alpha and omega literary love of my life. The first screenplay I ever read was for the 70s film, "Billy Jack," because the paperback version was literally the movie script. As a 13-year-old kid, this alien style of writing spoke to me on somehow familiar terms, and I said to myself, "I could do that." I married young to escape an abusive household and turned to reading the classics while raising babies because college was out of the question. The thing I loved most about reading was the way I was... Go to bio

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