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When two nerdy kids find a UFO and take it for a joy ride, they're pulled into a galactic war and must fight to save the Earth.

After a night filled with shooting stars, Josh and Bobby (middle-school nerds) find themselves on the run from their pig-tailed bullies. During their run, they discover a UFO and accidentally launch themselves into space, so they decide to take a look around. In the mean time, the UFO's pilot finds life on Earth difficult with amnesia and an alien threat to fight.

During the kid's joy ride, they have a run in with a used spaceship salesmen which causes them stop at an Alien planet for repairs, where they are mistaken for an Alien Fighter Pilot Ace. This leads to an evil alien species making an invasion run toward Earth.

When all seems doomed, the boys, with the help of the real UFO pilot fight to save the Earth.

8/10, Black List
Top 15%, Nicholl Fellowships
Top 4, Best Script of the Year - Amazon Studios
Top 4, Best Kids and Family Script - Amazon Studios

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The Writer: Chris Keaton

Chris Keaton, like many deranged people, writes screenplays and actually believes he's pretty good at it. His delusion has brought him to write at least a dozen feature films and numerous short scripts of questionable quality. Several directors have been enabling Chris Keaton's mental illness by actually producing his short screenplays and optioning his features. Thankfully, misguided good will alone cannot produce a feature film, so he hasn't traumatized a feature audience yet, but if his madness goes unchecked it could happen in the near future. And to make things worse he's now writing novels and short stories. When will his reign of terror end? If you feel compelled to peek into the... Go to bio

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