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A DarkLord visits a young, abused boy in his horrifying nightmares, but He’s there to teach Danny the valuable lesson of bravery to save himself from his own troubled-life.

Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Award (LAIFFA)
Best Screenplay Feature - Third Place Winner
October 2017

Danny suffers from recurring nightmares – ending differently with each decision he makes in both the Dream World, and the Real World. Kyal, a visual teacher and DarkLord, is the puppeteer. The Nothingness Danny faces is all-consuming; It is gluttonous. And It wants Danny. Danny struggles to show up in the World, he faces adversity among his peers for quietness which is interpreted as weakness. His only friends are his cat, Sadie, and the Adult-child, Video Store Owner - Kelly.

Through entrepreneurship, Danny is working towards his dream. A 17” LCD, HDTV. Top-of-the-line. He mows lawns, sells junk food, and saves more money when Kelly offers him a job at Video-View; cleaning in leu of unlimited rentals. A project Kelly is cooking up to draw more customers away from the Big Guys. Danny takes the job as he’s there every day anyways.

Sir, Danny’s father, is a cold, distant, blurry Man. Or at least that’s how Danny sees him. Drinks, he’s tempered, and he’s controlling. Not the Man he was before his separation from Danny’s mother – and not after the death of Danny’s sister, Madeline. Danny dreams of his sister, but they’re not happy dreams. Madeline visits Danny one night from under his bed, climbing through the mirror, and poises over a paralyzed Danny. Blood pours from the pulsating hole in her throat, washing over Danny’s hands and face – her blood literally on his hands.

The place he’s been avoiding, Wesley’s Shop And Go, stands before him. He would visit Madeline after school for the time that he could. Madeline, a goof-ball, but loving girl – trying to escape her father. Trying to make her own and ends meet. After a moment with her brother, they return to the store after her break. Danny goes shopping. Madeline goes looking for the Manager. What they don’t know is that the store is under-siege by three motivated, desperate men. Madeline quickly discovers, and eludes the men – searching for an oblivious Danny. Through close-calls, they manage to get to the exit, but find themselves caught. Madeline notices Danny has a gun, a toy he’d been playing with earlier. She alerts the armed man of the situation. They strike a deal. As she slides the gun, another armed man sees it and assumes – he kills Madeline. Danny’s World is taken from him.

Danny gets the TV through hard-work, some luck, and honesty. But it doesn’t make him feel better. And the TV doesn’t last long at the hands of Sir. Danny faces his demons – the boys who torment him. Having sliced his bike tires, held him down to eat cat food, meowing incessantly, and are now threatening to teach a horrible lesson. He beats them down. Danny has to now face Sir, who is actually proud. And Danny sees his father – a sad, broken man with faults like everyone else.

Kyal visits Danny one last time – showing him the door he’s feared to enter. Which Danny, bravely, enters.

Submitted: August 31, 2017
Last Updated: January 4, 2018

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The Writer: Bryce Thomas

Navy Veteran turned Screenwriter/Director. Two years as a commercial writer and voice-over artist for KHTS AM 1220 in Santa Clarita. Optioned. LAIFFA winner for 'Best Feature Screenplay' 2017. AWARDS: 'Away' Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Award (LAIFFA) Best Screenplay Feature - First Place Winner October 2017 'Green-stained Shoes' Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Award (LAIFFA) Best Screenplay Feature - Third Place Winner October 2017 Go to bio

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