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Handsome Devil

When a grieving young man inadvertently summons an entity during an all guys weekend, a celebration of life party at a secluded estate becomes a terrifying battle for survival.



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Adam, a young grad student, is grieving the sudden loss of his older brother Oliver. When he receives an invitation from Oliver's hockey team friends to a celebration of life party at a secluded estate in the country, Adam resists. He's quiet, distant, and uncomfortable in groups of men - but decides that honoring his brother takes precedent over his insecurities.

Upon arrival, Adam is pushed way beyond his comfort zone. Oliver's friends are jockish, immature, and even a little inappropriate. But they reveal themselves to be kind-hearted and respectful of Adam's grief as well. Could all of his worrying have been for nothing?

Soon after the celebration of life gets underway, Adam encounters a masked outsider watching them from the peripheries of the estate... and their pleasant night of revelry quickly spirals out of control.

As the outsider hunts down the guest list, Adam realizes he and his new friends have unwittingly become pawns in something much stranger than any of them could have anticipated. This isn't your typical masked killer.

Luckily, Adam isn't your typical victim.

"Handsome Devil" is a twisty horror/slasher with an undercurrent of dark humor (in the vein of "You're Next" and "Ready Or Not") that centers an LGBT protagonist.

Submitted: October 15, 2020
Last Updated: October 30, 2020

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The Writer: Andrew Albert

Born in Toronto, Canada, Andrew has been writing ever since he watched John Carpenter's Halloween at a parents-disapprovingly young age. When he's not working full time in a library, Andrew enjoys reading, writing, and dreaming about his next creative projects. Andrew's scripts focus on resourceful and strong LGBT+ and minority characters facing overwhelming odds in terrifying and/or fantastic situations. Go to bio