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A Mama thinks she’s protecting her Son by starting a killing spree that this simple minded Neighborhood Handyman will eventually finish. Call on Jim Craven 1-800-2KILLEM.

Need a Handy Man, call Jimmy… Stick your nose where it doesn't belong, he'll kill ya. This little quiet cul-de-sac seems normal to most... but one house is less than normal. A Mama lives there with her BIG baby boy, 40 to be exact! He's good with his hands and fix'n things. When the neighborhood slut makes her move on Jim, so does Mama. Jim dint take too kindly to Mama’s actions, so he deal with her in a very violent way. Now to clean up any more messes and to take care of those pesky neighbors, she convinces Jim to do her dirty work for her. Her ultimate plan is to get the houses cleared out and move in her Prison Mamas.

In one house, moved in is a widower, Mary and her little girl, Jessie. Jim befriends the little girl. Mary doesn't think too much about it. Till later, as one by one, the Neighbors start to disappear. Being a Handy Man he many weapons of choice. After most killings, the Jim The Handyman thinks he's had enough killing. Then he discovers his Mama's plan. He's mad at her now. It's time to kill Mama.

To make matters worse, Mary along with tJessie find out that the Jim once worked with her late Husband. In fact, there's an article claiming the Handy Man was at fault for a supposed Construction sight accident. Then combine that with the neighborhood killings, she stakes her revenge. He doesn't put up much of a fight, cause he's done killing. Mad at not much of a challenge, she still knows what she has to do to make things right.

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Joanna Pacula, Jessica Cameron

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The short film it's based on 'Marker 187' won a foreign horror film festival.

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Submitted: August 10, 2020
Last Updated: August 10, 2020

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The Writer: Chaz Fatur

Chaz Fatur is an optioned, sold & produced Screenwriter/ Filmmaker who was an Actor first, working 15 yrs in the Industry, as well as a Veteran of the US Navy. He got his first Hollywood film as an Actor; Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor, fell in love with the whole Filmmkaing process, whick prompted him to take a Screenwriting class at Ventura College while still serving his Country. Chaz didn't write his first Screenplay until 2004, when he established his Film/ TV Prod Co - Scuttlebutt Ent, LLC. Since 2004 until today, he's written over 280+ screenplays, to include Features, TV Pilots/ Webisodes & Short content. He's legally repped & has several projects currently in development. Go to bio
Law Firm: Law Office of Rocco E Cozza, PLLC
Lawyer: Rocco Cozza

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