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Happy Town

When two best friends are magically transported into an old stop-motion animation kids TV show they inadvertently kill the main character and set off a chain of events that threaten to destroy reality.



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Lifelong friends Edgar and Neil have known each other since childhood. Edgar has always been Neil’s source of true friendship over the years but with both men in their late 30’s, single and struggling to make ends meet, Neil’s patience for his free-loading friend has worn down.

They find themselves unemployed and on the verge of being kicked out of their apartment and through a series of fortuitous events that involve a Yugoslavian woman, drugs, a wooden statue and a VHS tape, they find themselves transported into a beloved animated children’s TV show from the 80’s, Happy Town.

They wake in the home of Happy Harry, the main character of Happy Town. Harry sings the two a cheerful song but Neil, through the pressure of the situation, tells Harry to “shut the fuck up!” Being a children’s show, the very real F-word being heard by Harry is too much for his imaginary brain to handle. Harry has a complete melt-down, rips off his own face, dies horribly and melts into a bubbling corpse on the floor.

Neil and Edgar hide the evidence by burying Harry beneath his apple tree and quickly leave to find their way home. Through pure bad luck, the rest of the characters of Happy Town find themselves infected by “reality” and the town of lovable characters devolves into an orgy of debauchery, sex and violence. They soon become self-aware and want more, they want out!

Edgar and Neil stumble across portals to other worlds in their bid to get out of Happy Town. A horror movie, a daytime drama, a gay porno world and a zombie TV show, wherein they accidentally get the lead character eaten and all Hell breaks loose.

Neil and Edgar barely escape the zombie world alive and escape back to Happy Town. One of the few characters not infected, lead them to a strange Wizard’s castle. The Wizard is Phineas Kaye, the creator of Happy Town who lives just outside the borders of where the characters would normally venture. He promises to help the boys get home, but before he can, the population of Happy Town lay siege to his castle screaming for access to the real world.

Edgar and Neil become locked in a battle with the characters of Happy Town that they must escape or else the very walls of reality will come crashing down and destroy everything in existence.

Submitted: November 18, 2016
Last Updated: April 19, 2020

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The Writer: Matthew Corry

I am a writer who prides himself on creating original horror stories that avoid standard tropes and cliches. It is my goal to create stories that not only leave a stroke of fear through the viewer but also to create strong realistic characters to ensure the horror and tragedy is not simply visual. I write mainly low budget horror features as from a business point of view I want to mimic certain production companies proven systems of producing low cost/high profit films, however, I do like the dark side of comedy and have written other scripts outside of my preferred medium. I have also written a pilot for a highly original supernatural/drama series. All of my work is for sale, however to... Go to bio

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