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Feeling on top of the world, Eric Tomlinson believes nothing can bring him down. But when the world decides to turn on top of him, he comes to realize how heavy it really is.

After working hard all his life to achieve the incredible success he has dreamed of, Eric Tomlinson is living on top of the world. Getting ahead at the company he works for, his character gradually alters for the worse, causing him to mix his heartless demeanor with his loving home life. Practically showing no love to his only child, Eric believes in staying focused on providing for his family more than embracing them. But when life slaps Eric in the face, seeking the affection it desperately needs, Eric struggles to decipher the hidden meaning in why this happened so suddenly. Ultimately stuck in a drastic situation, Eric realizes the hard way that some things in life are far more important than others.

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Underground film festival winner 2018

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The Writer: Ali Joumaa

Ali Joumaa is an up and coming screenwriter with a diverse writing background. Having not only written spiritual novels, he has also completed more than three feature-length screenplays ready to produce. Constantly creating new worlds, expanding his imagination, Ali is ready to take on a major role for any ambitious studio or production company.  Go to bio

Manager: Alexander Friday

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