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Heaven ( TV series)

As a resident of Heaven, Ann continues her adventure with her Stone Age son and the Chief Angel Michael, helping computer genius Tomo and beyond.



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Novella "Tomo and the Soul Catchers"

Heaven, no-time land.

Ann, as a newcomer to Heaven, undergoes hands-on training in God's realm, meeting her dead parents, and even touching with Satan's hell.
That is until her vacation in Akhenaten's Egypt, where she receives an urgent message from Earth - her former colleague and admirer Tomo is in grave danger.
The chief-angel Michael leads her on a mission in Chicago 2045, where Tomo dates with the stripper Cora, Satan's servant. As a man in love, Tomo does not believe in Cora's evil, but seeing her intimacy with Satan, he finally decides to break up with her.
With Ann's help, he begins to "play" the right track, returning to "normal" and even becoming the technical director of Artificial Intelligence International.
Inspired by success Ann returns to Heaven only to find out that her Stone age son Wu disappeared into one of Earth’s six parallel worlds!
Fearing she is losing her little son, Ann tries to find Wu using the code given to her by the archangel, but the amount of work is too much and they have so little time!
Only Chief Angel Michael possesses an overwhelming serenity that will save Wu and propel their Heavenly Family towards an even more amazing future.

Submitted: December 14, 2021
Last Updated: February 19, 2022

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The Writer: Jacklyn A. Lo

Unlike most screenwriters, I disliked writing and had little interest in the film industry. Pure logic and analytics were my passion and I was making a successful career in one of the world's leading corporations. This continued until I realized that the luxury train in which I was traveling in comfort was racing in a direction that was contrary to my personal values. I faced the hardest choice of my life, which I call in my writings Spiritual Choice. Finally, without any plan or even idea what to do instead, I left the corporate world. At some point in time, I realized that I needed a new goal and it was given to me - to write a screenplay for a feature film. In spite of the fact that the... Go to bio

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