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Three outcasts befriend one of the girls from the local residential care facility, and when she disappears, they have to uncover the town's dark secret to rescue their lost friend and to prevent other kidnappings.

Heavenly Light is a semi-serious, semi-comedic modern version of the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Three Geeks, Prissy, Gas, and Truman befriend two girls who have been sent to the Enlightened Home for Girls, a residential care facility. Two nights after a tremor hits, Lisa disappears.

They discover a pattern when they research the town for Truman’s and Prissy’s dads. Truman’s dad is writing a history of the town. Prissy’s is trying to better conditions at the home because he once was a resident. When another tremor hits, they believe their other friend, Raffe, will be kidnapped because she heard the same strange music Lisa heard on the night she disappeared.

While standing guard with Truman, Prissy says she hears music. When Raffe slips out of the home, Prissy and Truman follow her. Truman collapses on a path while Prissy follows. Fifteen minutes later, Truman wakes up, still on the path and Prissy wakes up alone in the park. Raffe is gone. Gas and Truman believe Prissy might be in danger because she’s heard the music.

The two of them believe if something is going to happen to Prissy it will happen on a specific night. They set up remote access to Prissy’s computer so they can keep an eye on her. In the middle of the night, Prissy wakes up and leaves her home. Gas and Truman follow her to a mysterious house in the middle of the woods where a woman named Mindy lives. There they find out the truth.

Every six years, aliens come to various towns — especially ones like I Saw the Light which doesn’t care anything about children from places like the Enlightened Home for Girls — and take children someplace to be loved. Their sensors can always pick out the desperate kids who will gladly go. They have never had any problems until Raffe who doesn’t want to leave anymore because she’s found friends, three of them.

Mindy releases Raffe, and all of them hatch a plan to kidnap the children of people in the town who will care that they’re missing and who will then make changes. These girls promise to get help for the home, and Mindy discovers that Prissy’s father was her long-lost friend from the home.

Mindy winds up being the new director of the home with Garland as the administrator. They change the place so that even while giving these girls boundaries they can still allow them to be kids.

Submitted: June 29, 2020
Last Updated: June 29, 2020

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The Writer: Steve Cross

Steve Cross is a freelance writer who lives in Poplar Bluff, MO. Cross is a retired English teacher who has published poetry, fiction and drama. He has been a quarterfinalist in both the Bluecat and the Fresh Voices screenplay contests. Through Script Revolution he has sold one screenplay. This past year, he has had one YA novel published and two others selected for publication. When not writing, he and his wife Jean enjoy spoiling the grandchildren. He works part time for Three Rivers Community College and loves Cardinals baseball. Go to bio

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