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In order to save their lives from addiction and depression, a party-loving college junior escapes with her best friends (An introverted freshman and a girl mourning her father's death) from the Texas borderland to California.



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novel by Oscar Moreno

College freshman Mateo meets college junior Susie, bonding over their traumatic experiences from the Drug War which have left Susie wanting to flee the borderland. Abby still traumatized from her father’s murder now lives in El Paso unable to reconnect with her friends until Susie invites her to her farewell party. At the party, Abby has a panic attack and Susie gets drunk. The next morning, the hungover Susie finds herself unable to travel to California like she had planned. Feeling she has hit rock bottom, Susie proposes to Mateo and Abby to run away together to Los Angeles, California in an attempt to escape the traumatic experiences they live on the border and change their lives for the better. Mateo accepts with the condition that they go see Cecilia Carrasco, a journalist he admires at a conference.

On the road, Abby unsuccessfully attempts suicide, Susie tries to lure Mateo into alcohol but only makes him sick and Susie suffers from withdrawal. They go to the Carrasco conference and both Susie and Mateo end up inspired to do a journalism/art project, but Abby balks at the idea. Abby gets in touch Esteban her abusive ex-boyfriend and ends up staying with him in Los Angeles. Susie goes back to drugs and pushes Mateo, seeing herself as a danger to him.

Days later, a distraught Abby calls Mateo telling him she’s back in Juárez and needs to escape from Esteban. Mateo unsuccessfully tries to rescue her and ends up getting beaten up by Esteban. He tells Susie and together, they rescue Abby and all return to Juárez. Susie and Abby reunite with their families. Mateo and Susie share a dance.

Short film version made in 2012.
Submitted: May 30, 2019
Last Updated: March 2, 2021

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The Writer: Oscar Moreno

I'm an optioned bilingual Mexican writer and filmmaker from the U.S./Mexico border. My life here has taken me from witnessing the horrors of violence to the joy of seeing its survivors lead happy lives, and experiencing what it's like to be a musician and to soak up the moments of love and weirdness you can find here. My passion for storytelling has stemmed from filmmaking and impacted different aspects of my life. I’m mainly focused on writing and making the kinds of gritty and mesmerizing thrillers, horror movies and sci-fi that I’d stay up watching late at night as a teenager. But I also love powerful drama and believe all of these flavors can be combined and provide an exciting... Go to bio

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