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A dedicated cop risks his life to earn the trust of a dangerous community who has lost faith in the Justice System after an innocent citizen is gunned down.

A dedicated cop risks his life to earn the trust of a dangerous community who has lost faith in the Justice System after an innocent citizen is gunned down.

A month after an innocent young man, Tyris Bernard, is gunned down by police, his youngest brother Deshawn Bernard finds it hard to get out of bed in the morning. He realizes that Hillside is nothing more than, “a place of broken dreams, dangerous gangs, abandoned mothers and fallen brothers.” Deshawn eavesdrop on his mother Tonya Bernard, and second oldest brother, Jaheim Bernard, in a heated argument. Jaheim tries to convince their mother that he is more than capable of being the man of the family but Tonya is too torn about losing her first-born son to think of anything else.

Deshawn walks home every day with his best friend Byron, also known as Spike. They talk about the future as pro basketball players and leading the Hillside Boyz gangster clan.

Officer Chance Montgomery makes his rounds in Hillside as a patrol officer to keep the peace. Chance is a man of principle and takes pride in his badge and uniform. On patrol, he meets Deshawn for the first time at the Hillside Park. He notices that Deshawn is upset about something and wants to help. At first, Deshawn shows distrust and curiosity toward Chance because he is a cop. Chance breaks the ice by complimenting his impressive basketball skills and encourages him to stay in school and follow his dreams. Deshawn only takes the advice with a grain a salt.

Chance goes home to his wonderful gated community and suburban lifestyle. He holds a conversation with his wife, Kristen Montgomery, about Deshawn and how he feels for his suffering of losing his older brother to police violence. Kristen urges him to not be involved and to stay away from Hillside because of its high rates of crimes, drugs, and violence, but Chance refuses to turn away from the innocent people in Hillside who need his help.

A week has gone by and Chance and Deshawn are on better terms. Deshawn’s friends despise him siding with the enemy and forces him to prove himself a Hillside boy. Deshawn does but he regrets it secretly.

Chance runs into his buddy, Thomas, at the precinct. Thomas gives him the news that Mark, the accused of unjustly killing Tyris is being set free without punishment. Chance is furious when Thomas takes his side and tells Chance to go against everything he believes in and just do his job and protect those who deserve his protection. Chance reminds him that all lives matter, not just theirs. Chance later tries to break the news to Deshawn but it is too late, he’s already heard and now resents Chance even more. He sends chance away.

Jaheim decides to make a cop ambush his act for initiation into the Hillside Boyz gang. Chance is called to a domestic disturbance in Hillside. He goes to respond but it’s a setup. The Hillside Boyz terrorize the neighborhood by going on a search for Chance who hides between building and homes to escape the ambush of the gang.
Deshawn learns of the ambush and goes to help Chance despite his hatred for all policemen. Deshawn calls for help but is betrayed by his best friend Spike.

Chance is beaten in the streets by the gang and is nearly murdered by Jaheim in cold blood until Deshawn interferes. He urges his brother not to end up with the same fate as their older brother Tyris. Cops arrive ready to take Jaheim out for his crime. Despite Chance’s treatment, he convinces Jaheim to surrender and trust him on getting help out of the mess he’s made.

A year later, Jaheim is released on parole thanks to Chance. Chance finally gains the appreciation of the community and the Bernard family.

Submitted: September 16, 2016
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The Writer: Nikki Lee

The first time I started thinking about screenwriting was about five years ago. Since then it has been an adventure of a lifetime. Scriptwriting has allowed me to create something out of the smallest of details in life. Everything from a quote to a crawling insect can spark material for a script. What's more exciting is being in an enviornment where somewhere else gets and shares in your passion. In my life as a film lover, I have learned that the best classroom is a recliner chair in front of a 50ft wide projection screen. Go to bio

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