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AC Maki's script titled, BENT.
Scared of living a life alone, a washed-up, gullible drag queen is bamboozled by a sneaky nursing home resident, who guarantees he’ll find a lifelong partner if he hangs up his stilettos for one month.

Off-Beat Romantic Comedy Feature
Setting: Present Day, San Francisco
In the vein of MEET THE FOCKERS, but with an all Asian cast.

DISCO MUSIC BEATS in Golden Gate Park…

In drab drag, a hopeless romantic CHIP JONES (late 40s, a Ken Jeong-type) painfully trains a group of nursing home residents for the Dim Sum Disco in one month. Chip’s days as a top drag at Castro Theater are OVER… Chip fears that he may wake up one day and be old and alone. Chip wants a lifelong partner and he’ll take a man or a woman. When Chip isn’t working, he can be seen trying to get a hold of his trophy boyfriend or reading depressing pet adoption ads elusively signed with the initials LC.

Chip’s shiny, happy bubble bursts when he sees his boyfriend rollerblading with a woman. Chip runs after them, leaving the nursing home residents behind; which almost gets him fired if it wasn’t for one of the residents, a consummate schemer LI CHEN (70s, a Jackie Chan-type) who covers for him. Li convinces the manager to let Chip keep his job. Now Chip owes Li, which puts him back on target for his sperm donor hunt. After plying Chip with wine and a slightly trickster sales pitch… Li convinces Chip that if he dresses like a man for one month, he’ll find a lifelong partner - guaranteed.

Desperate, Chip accepts the challenge, but is torn because he develops feelings for Li’s nephew, an infertile pet adoption writer LONGWEI (40s). Li’s four meddling, strong-willed sisters THE AUNTIES (70s) are ecstatic that they may get the grandchild they’ve always wanted. Because there are no fertile males in the family, Li sells them on the idea that Chip could be the sperm donor. The Aunties notice Chip’s attraction to Longwei and lie to him to keep them apart. After all, two sperms can’t produce a grandson—but Chip and a female family member can.

The next day, Li prepares Chip for arranged dates by putting him through “manly” training. After a few dates, Chip finds Li’s older female cousin GAI (40s, bubbly and nervous) the best choice, but Chip still longs for Longwei. Chip wants to please Li, who has become a father figure, so he follows his head and asks Gai to marry. Li is relieved that Chip has agreed. Longwei finds out Chip is getting married and decides to move on.

At their engagement party, Chip reveals to Li that he’s not in love with Gai and calls the wedding off. Li lashes out at Chip, telling him he has let the entire family down. Miserable, Chip gives up and stops training for the Dim Sum Disco. A few days later, Chip stumbles into a thrift store and confesses his problems to a drag queen priest who works there. He helps Chip realize…

“If you can’t love and accept yourself, how are you going to love somebody else?”

Energized, Chip heads to the Castro for the Dim Sum Disco. When the curtains lift, Chip is back in FULL DRAG to lead the residents in the show of their lives! They win the contest.

The next day, Chip finds out Longwei is in town. A year later, Chip and Longwei get ready for a family photo. The doting Aunties fuss over their two adorable Chinese grandchildren (Gai was the surrogate).

CLICK, a photo celebrates ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY.

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*Finalist in Filmmatic's Pitch Now competition.
June 2019 Featured Screenplay logline on Storypitches.

Submitted: June 30, 2019
Last Updated: July 24, 2020

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The Writer: AC Maki

Mäki’s time working on the racetrack provided inspiration for her feature script and American Zoetrope quarterfinalist, IN YOUR BLOOD. Maki got her start in San Francisco, working in the deadline-heavy world of TV News. The Nebraska native holds an MFA in screenwriting from the Institute of American Indian Arts. Go to bio
Lawyer: Brian J. Murphy - Attorney & Counselor at Law

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