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A cookie that cures the symptoms of menopause is a Godsend to all women until Congress stops production due to a "secret" ingredient. Women around the country are outraged and now it's Hormones versus Congress!

Emilie Parker is in denial. Big time. Her doctor just informed her she's entering menopause. Not wanting to begin this new chapter in her life, she looks to her friends for words of encouragement. Instead, she is met with "welcome to the club" speeches. It's here she learns of the cookie that magically cures all symptoms of menopause. Emilie, a workout junkie, refuses to let those cookies slip past her lips. She vows to try holistic remedies. Go ahead, her friends say. It won't last.

Then the unthinkable happens. The FDA found traces of Cannabis in the cookies. Congress issued a bill banning production of the cookies. This act brings all menopausal women into action. The Women's League of Pasadena California charters a bus to Washington DC. With stocks of cookies, they all board in hopes of reversing the bill.

Along the trip, the bus breaks down and they must stay in a town called "Manville" which is a town of men who built the town to get away from their hormonal wives. The cost of repairs is more than the women can pay so they put on a show to raise money. Except all the money is lost in a poker game. Fearing they will never get to DC, Emilie trades all the women's cookies for payment for the repairs.

Once they arrive in DC, they realize they missed their appointment with Congress. It's during a TV news broadcast, they hear about the First Lady reading to children at the Library of Congress. Emilie and her friends go hoping to catch the First Lady and get her help. This doesn't go well and they all end up in jail.

Frustrated and tired, they head back to California. Once they arrive home, the girls decide to pamper themselves at their local nail salon. It's here they find out about a mysterious tea that helps the ladies with menopause. Emilie buys some of the ingredients and decides to bake brownies with the herb. The only tip was not to use too much or they'll get incredibly horny.

The friends go to the Women's League with a proposition of starting a company called the Meno-P brownie that helps menopausal women. They team up with a Congressman they met in DC and a year later, they are at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

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Best Ensemble Comedy 2015 Broad Humor Film Festival
Comedy 2nd Place 2016 Cannes Screenplay Festival

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