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The novel by Flo Fitzpatrick
The beautiful Tempe Walsh finds herself in the middle of kidnapping and murder, romance and a musical in Mumbai, India.

In the early 1600's, a renowned Portuguese sculptor in the seaport of Chaul, India, was commissioned by monks to create a Saraswati ivory statue for their temple. The monks refused to pay the agreed upon price, so the sculptor turned the lute upside down and added a snake head that pops from one arm so the Saraswati carries a curse or a blessing depending on who is in possession of the statue.
In present day New York City Tempe Walsh, film dancer, American linguist and film buff is hired to accompany a wealthy art collector, Ray Decore, to act as his interpreter in Mumbai, India.

They arrive at Hot Harry’s Saloon in Mumbai. As Tempe is in the process of translating high-roller Ray Decore’s purchase of the stolen priceless statue when all hell breaks out. Tempe uses her gymnastic skills to dodge flying bullets. She executes a double back flip over the bar counter and lands in Hot Harry’s storeroom where she’s greeted by another escapee fleeing thugs and miscreants, Irish charmer Brig O’Brien. Tempe and Brig escape and are on the run in Mumbai.
Brig and Tempe find the perfect place to hide, a studio where a Bollywood musical is being filmed by Brig’s friend, Jake Roshan, with carnival sets, elephants, snakes, scores of chorus dancers, and the brilliant director and Indian movie star Asha Kumar who hails from New Jersey. Tempe and Brig join the cast.
They discover Ray has alternative motives and has checked Tempe out of her hotel room and all her belongings are missing including her passport.

The next night Kirk, a wealthy mob boss, shows up at the studio looking for the statue. Tempe lies and tells him she thinks Brig sold it to Ray.

Seymour, a small-time operator, kidnaps Asha and tells Jake if he wants to see Asha alive again he needs to take the statue to a park to make the exchange. When Jake, Brig and Tempe arrive at the park Kirk suddenly appears. Shots ring out and knives fly from every direction. Tempe, Asha, Brig and Jake barely manage to escape in Asha’s classic Thunderbird.

Kirk steals a play from Seymour’s playbook and kidnaps Tempe. Brig has until midnight to turn over the statue or he will kill Tempe. At the stroke of midnight Kirk slaps a clip into his semi-automatic and Brig leaps from a balcony and again they make it out alive.
Kirk and five of his goons show up at studio while the group is filming a big scene. All hell breaks out and everyone gets involved. Kirk and his goons are no match for the group and Kirk and his goons are taken into custody and the statue is returned to its rightful owner and the curse is removed.

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Vic Armstrong is attached as the Director.

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The Writer: Dan Guardino

Dan Guardino – Screenwriter/Producer Agent: Legacies…A Literary Agency, WGA Signatory Mary Ann Amato.

Dan adapted the trilogy of screenplays “GLASS HOUSE” - Director/Producer Charles Picerni Sr. - along with “HOT STUFF”, Director Vic Armstrong, for Carmen Stevens Productions, later ‘optioned’ by Kensington Publishing/Media L.A. Dan wrote the movie script, “MY OWN WORST ENEMY” for L.A. Producer Michael Z. Gordon of Americana Films & My Own Worst Enemy LLC. He is also the Script Consultant for “HEART STOPPER”, a Michael Z. Gordon production with Keith Holland as the Director. Dan adapted to screenplay, both, “Mirror Maze” and “Beyond Paradise” for film producer Michael Z. Gordon... Go to bio

Agency: Legacies…A Literary Agency
Agent: MaryAnn Amato

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