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House of Gold

An unemployed producer in L.A. inherits a home from eccentric uncle/former OSS spy. Turns out it’s a haunted dump - but when the bumbling ex-caretaker says it houses hidden Nazi gold – it’s game on!



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Thirty something Brett Cory is a TV producer in LA struggling to find regular work and keep his girlfriend happy. When he finds that his great uncle Jack Cory- whom he has never met – has left him a gorgeous home, along with a generous stipend, in upper-crustic Fairfield County Connecticut – he is over the moon and has his bags packed in a flash, leaving the over-demanding girlfriend and his occasional employers in the dust for a shot at a new life as a country squire.

But it’s a gift that comes with a lot of small print – soon to be all caps in bold – when Brett finds that the house is not only a shambles but is haunted by an angry ghost.

He shortly runs into the former caretaker of the place - Sam Carter - who assures him that all will be well. Not only that – Sam says Brett stands to make a fortune in gold hidden in the basement by his deceased great uncle who smuggled it out of former Nazi occupied Europe at the end of WW2 while serving in the OSS.

Sam shows Brett that the “ghost” in question is actually a crusty old squatter named Fergus and his two sons in residence who keep the curious at bay by frightening them off the premises. Brett has to find a way to get them out legally and is now haunted by mountains of red tape.

Aided by the assistance of Betty – a town hall clerk who disguises her beauty with a hair bun, thick eye glasses and a bubble gum habit – he slowly sets the wheels of justice in motion. At the same time, he gets himself in legal hot water by trying to eject the squatters using various – and failed - tactics like home made stink bombs and cutting the electricity with the aid of Sam and new found acquaintance and co-conspirator Chucky, a youthful African American Uber driver from the tough neighborhood of South Norwalk, who offers his assistance and free transportation anywhere for “just one bar of gold!”

Not only that - now Brett finds himself in double trouble and in competition with a mysterious, wealthy out of town investor who’s trying to get the property condemned ASAP before taking ownership– costing Brett the house AND the rumored gold hidden inside it.

Desperate, Brett approaches Fergus and sons to make a deal at a remote location – while Sam and Chucky break into the house and dig for the gold in the basement.

But as it turns out, Fergus is no fool. And what the guys find back at the house – and what Fergus reveals to Brett - will blow everything out of the water in a truly frightful conclusion.

Submitted: May 4, 2022
Last Updated: May 26, 2022

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The Writer: Jim Sheehan

Writer/producer for news, documentary and entertainment shows out of New York and Los Angeles - including Paramount TV, Showtime, ABC Network, Fox Network, CNN, Discovery, Science and History Channels. I am refocusing my career and have several feature length scripts on the market in crime, comedy and drama genres. My various IMDB credits which are comprised of several "Jim Sheehan's" and one or two "James Sheehan's", I promise, all of whom are me. I have looked into how to consolidate all the IMDB profiles but it seems that actually writing another script or two is easier - and much more therapeutic. Life is short. Go to bio

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