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House Rule

The family legacy shifts when a human female on a business trip becomes the focus of a vampire squabble, while a necromancer tries to eradicate all of them in the shadows of humanity.



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Under the cover of darkness in an unsuspecting coastal vacation town, three royal vampire brothers, Alin, Grigori and Andrei fight a growing undead army focused on destroying the entire vampire race.

A human New York publishing editor, Laci Mills, extends her business trip to decompress in this coastal town, unaware of the hard turn her life is about to take until she meets Radu, a rogue vampire hell-bent on making life miserable for House Rule.

Alin, the eldest of House Rule, becomes Laci’s dark knight and so much more when Radu pulls her into his web of deceit and is nearly transformed into his vampire bride.

Ferod, a necromancer and leader of the undead, seeks to escape the confines of the shadows and rule by dominance, but in his quest for power, he must first eradicate House Rule.

Submitted: December 23, 2019
Last Updated: September 25, 2020

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The Writer: Teresa Barber

Born and bred in Mississippi, raised in Virginia, and aged in Florida. My life, in-and-of-itself, is full of BIG SCREEN moments and my passion comes from the world around me, simply expressed in my photography and writing. My adventure in writing began in 2007 when I became a published author. Now, in my silver years, I'm anxious to step things up a notch. In 2019 I began my screenwriting journey and completed three feature screenplays, with many more in the works. My advice to anyone willing to listen? If your dreams don't scare you...dream bigger. Conspiracy of Ravens - SEMIFINALIST 2020 Stage32 6th Annual Feature Screenwriting Contest House Rule - SEMIFINALIST Sci-Fi / Fantasy category... Go to bio

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