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How To Host A Dinner Party



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When the cook at an opulent dinner party is found dead where all the guests are secretly serial killers, this “whodunnit” devolves into a madhouse, where no one knows “who’s next”.

‘DEXTER’ meets ‘CLUE’

It’s a long, winding road to the posh, private, manor estate hosting this evening’s fund-raising dinner for Senate-hopeful Mason Wabash. Upon their arrival, he and his wife Elaine are ushered into the parlour and presented to the other guests. In attendance is an eclectic assortment of prominent persons from various circles within the social elite: Renee DuPont, a museum curator. Fashion designer Santi Ambrose, and her date, supermodel Deon. A crime novelist, Emmitt Turner, and his caregiver, Usoa Cantor.

It’s a small, intimate group. While the meal and superficial schmoozing is underway, unbeknownst to them, a terrible storm has rolled in, making this evening’s return down the secluded mountain road far too treacherous. The butler, Arthur, arrives to inform the guests of the situation and that he is making arrangements for them to stay there for the evening. With suspicion already beginning to brew, Deon and Elaine excuse themselves from the table to collect some additional affairs from their vehicles.

Outside, an uninvited guest, Rowen. He is an acquaintance of Deon’s. Nonetheless, his presence there startles her. He claims she invited him to crash the gathering when she sent him the address, which she claims she never sent. In any case, it’s too late now. Back in the parlour, suspicions grow when the conversation turns to the purpose of this soirée. Heads turn as each person comes to realize they’ve made incorrect assumptions that the evening was organized in their honour. Just when they might confront the butler about this revelation, there comes a knock at the door. Rowen, claiming to be a passing drifter seeking shelter from the rain, enters.

Each guest, including Rowen, is a serial killer. With the exception of Santi and Deon, who operate like a pair of Femme Fatales, the other guests are solo killers. Each with their own modus operandi. Rowan is an axe-murderer. Unice is a Kevorkian caregiver. Emmitt’s unsolved crime novels are inspired by his own work. And Renee’s passion for sculpting has given him a taste for morbid body mutilations. The Senator’s wife, Elaine is a black widow. In fact, already this evening Elaine is laying the trap to claim the life of yet another husband with an abusive dark side. Indeed, Mason’s demons are darker than even she imagined. Mason is a serial strangler.

So when the cook is later found dead in a house full of accomplished killers, each of them must avoid suspicion, while steeling themselves for a potential ‘kill or be killed’ encounter. Gradually, each guest falls into a spinning web of deceit, violence, and carnage. They give as good as they get. Even the Mastermind behind this little soirée is an early casualty in their own game, never realizing the objective to watch as the guest turn on each other, and one by one they perish in this house of horrors. This is not how you host a dinner party.

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Director: Joel Petrie

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The Writer: Ryan Templeman

I'm a Storyteller. As a child in Toronto, Canada, they just called it, "being a liar". As a young adult, I began storytelling with some modicum success as “an actor”. I’ve traveled through Europe and Asia paying the bills with this storytelling talent as “a marketer” and "event manager". At the bar or a party, some might call it, "being an entertainer”. This bio is off to a great start. I sound insufferable.

I’m the co-founding partner of Parking Garage Pictures; an Independent Film Production Company in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm all about solving the complexities around a sustainable... Go to bio

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