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Humble Pie

Set in a struggling 1990s printshop, an old-school tradesman enlists his computer-savvy apprentice to prank their miserly boss. Getting caught may cost them more than their pride.



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It's 1994. The digital age is closing in. A small town printshop struggles to convert from analog to computer graphics, as the owner Martin cuts benefits and enforces overtime at regular pay. Jake is in the middle of it all. He's a frustrated, computer-savvy artist saving up for a move to a bigger city. His mentor Gino is an old-school lithographer, one the last of his kind, who doesn't like what progress is doing to company morale and careers. So, Gino enlists Jake in a light-hearted scheme to create a bogus company memo that offers free pies to all employees, courtesy of Martin. As the flier circulates with much success, Jake becomes paranoid about the repercussions while Gino maintains his casual cool. But when management closes in on the culprits, Jake and Gino must decide how to end their charade without losing face, or their jobs.

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"The descriptions that you have about set decoration, character costumes, and the general feel of each scene are incredible! This is one of the most clearly painted pictures I have seen on paper."

"The office dynamic that you built is very believable. "There are no accidents, Tom. Only subconscious desires to undermine this company for treating you poorly." is a really genius portrayal of the modern day cog-in-the-machine mentality."

"The dynamic between Jake and Gino felt really believable. For such a short script, I didn't feel like I needed any back story to explain their relationship, which is great!"

Submitted: December 3, 2021
Last Updated: December 22, 2021

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The Writer: Bill Neary

With recent accolades and a short play produced, I continue developing short- and feature-length scripts with an existential nod. Now integrating techniques based on Dramatica theory, my goal is to write psychological sci-fi that challenges, celebrates and entertains our notions of humanity while satisfying the crucial arguments of a complete Storymind. Go to bio

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