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In a World of deep seated corruption, a relentless Investigative Reporter and a renegade Detective team up to uncover certain crimes against humanity, orchestrated by a corrupt Mayor and a ruthless CEO of Humogen.



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Not much, it's pretty much Original

Mayor Gavin Stone has just won his second term as mayor of Metro City with his ever-popular platform of cleaning up the "undesirables" from the streets of Metro City. Lori Zane is an intelligent, beautiful but very determined Investigative Reporter from the Metro City Globe, who is in the process of uncovering what exactly is happening to the homeless people of the city. As she witnesses a Homeless man being kidnapped near the Cross-town Expressway, she calls the police precinct to report what she has seen. In the meantime, Eric Callahan, a strong willed, stubborn Police Detective has gotten into trouble recently with his Department and is put on suspension. As detective Callahan is gathering his belongings together at his desk, he begins to talk to his partner Desmond Harris about the Homeless situation in the City. Desmond makes his viewpoints very clear to Eric as the two take different sides to the issue. Eric then picks up the phone call from Lori. The two begin to talk about the incident that she saw and they agree to meet at a diner. Eric, who has always been very skeptical of Mayor Stone's initiatives, believes Lori and decides that he will help Lori with her mission to figure out the exact cause of the disappearance of so many Homeless people from Metro City.

The next day, Lori travels to the Humogen headquarters in Metro City Island where she had previously arranged to interview the slick and extremely wealthy CEO of the biotech corporation, Samuel Claybourne who is Mayor Stone's largest campaign contributor. As Lori begins to ask very probing questions about the Humogen Corporations' involvement in the Mayor's campaign and the possible production of chemical weapons at the plant, Claybourne abruptly terminates the interview. Lori continues asking her questions and tells Mr. Claybourne that she is going to be publishing a scathing article on the company. Mr. Claybourne gets extremely infuriated with Lori and will not let her leave the corporate headquarters. She is taken prisoner and put under guard by Claybourne's men.

Eric goes over to the Humogen headquarters later that afternoon because he is supposed to meet Lori for lunch after her interview with Claybourne. As Eric is waiting for her, he receives a frantic phone call from Lori but the call is suddenly cut off. Lori is able to escape from the Humogen headquarters and she finally meets up with Eric in the lobby to tell him what has happened. She explains to Eric that the corporation has donated millions of dollars to Mayor Stone's campaign and that she believes that the company is producing and selling bio chemical weapons.

Mr. Claybourne then informs the mayor about the information that Lori knows and that she escaped with an accomplice that the video camera in the lobby of the headquarters scanned. Pictures of Lori and Eric are sent to all of the police precincts around the city that two fugitives have stolen important information about the company. Desmond receives the fax and immediately calls up Eric at his apartment to inform him that the police are looking for he and Lori who are now escaped fugitives armed and dangerous.

Eric and Lori decide to leave the apartment for fear of being caught. The two are being chased by the police and end up in an abandoned building where they meet up with a homeless man. This homeless man previously escaped from the Humogen headquarters and has scabs and marks all over his body. The homeless man eventually tells them that chemical agents were tested on him and that there are thousands of people held in the death camp warehouse on the Humogen property. Eric and Lori have a hard time believing the information that the homeless man just told them. Moments later, the homeless man, Eric, and Lori are surrounded by guards in white coats and white ski masks who throw them into a van and drive them to the Humogen corporate headquarters.

At this point, the men are separated from the women and brought to holding areas. Eric is brought to the male concentration camp area while Lori is brought to the female concentration camp area. She notices hundreds of bodies stacked in garbage cans and dumpsters, and is then led into the pre-testing area filled with scientists and guards where he notices the scientists injecting the homeless people prisoners with a liquid substance into their bodies. The Homeless men begin to convulse, foam at the mouth, and have seizures.

Mayor Stone and Mr. Claybourne are entertaining a number of "Special Guests" from various other major cities with the same problems, who are interested in purchasing the chemical agents from the Humogen Corporation. Mr. Claybourne explains to them that they are developing the strongest and most painful chemical agent that the world has ever seen but it has never been tested on any human subjects yet. The chemical agent is known as WID’s, or Weapons of Individual Destruction, are a roto-virus which we synthesized the concentration so that it can be used on an
Individual’s DNA safely enough. No harm to the administrator or surrounding areas.

Detective Desmond Harris begins to uncover exactly what is going on at the Humogen Corporation and realizes that Eric and Lori have been captured and will probably be used in the chemical experiments. Eric and Lori realize that the Humogen Corporation is indeed a killing machine that is using homeless people to test their chemical agents. They are situated in a death camp right in the middle of Metro City Island and there is virtually nothing that they can do.

Will Eric and Lori survive the impending situation that looms over them? Will Mayor Stone and Mr. Claybourne succeed in their plot to make billions of dollars from the sale of the chemical weapons to the neighboring City Officials? Humogen is a realistic cinematic vision on the current destruction of the Human rankings, rich vs poor, whereby only the strongest survive.

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Andrew Howard, Jake Manley, Alexis Knapp, Sea Patrick Thomas, Freya Tingley

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Been professionally covered.

Is in Development with several Actors attached, along with Director, Academy Award nominated Production Designer, Composer and Editor.

Project is currently seeking A-list Actor attachments as well as funding/ Sales/ Distribution

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Submitted: August 8, 2020
Last Updated: January 1, 2021

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The Writer: Chaz Fatur

Chaz Fatur is an optioned, sold & produced Screenwriter/ Filmmaker who was an Actor first, working 15 yrs in the Industry, as well as a Veteran of the US Navy. He got his first Hollywood gig as an Actor on Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor, and fell in love with the whole Filmmaking process, which prompted him to take a Screenwriting class at Ventura College while still serving his Country. Chaz didn't write his first Screenplay until 2004, which is when he established his Film/ TV Prod Co - Scuttlebutt Ent., LLC. Since 2004 until today, he's written over 200+ screenplays, to include Features, TV Pilots/ Webisodes & Short content. He's legally repped & has several projects currently in... Go to bio
Law Firm: Law Office of Rocco E Cozza, PLLC
Lawyer: Rocco Cozza

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