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Hunting Season

After a former detective is released from prison, he travels to Scotland to hunt down the corrupt ex-colleague who sent him down for a crime he didn't commit.



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James MacDonald is a bitter man. Whilst imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, his wife committed suicide. As he languished in jail, life passing him by, he missed out on watching his twin children, Sean and Siân, grow up and carve out military careers as officers in the Royal Marines and Royal Air Force, respectively.

Now out of prison having been diagnosed with a terminal illness, there is only one thing on MacDonald’s mind – revenge: his prey, the former Scotland Yard police officer (and colleague) responsible for his wrongful imprisonment.

Within days of his release from HMP Parkhurst, MacDonald has established where the retiree now lives; within the shadow of Ben Nevis, near Fort William in the highlands of Scotland. There, the former Detective Superintendent Andrew Campbell whiles away his days, writing his memoirs and fly fishing.

The hunter is now the hunted.

MacDonald drives north and into Scotland, routing through stunning scenery. Passing Stirling Castle, proudly guarding the gateway to the highlands, it isn’t long before MacDonald first hears, then sees the vortex trailing RAF Tornados hugging the heather clad hillsides whilst practising their low level flying manoeuvres.

Before long, Ben Nevis dominates the skyline, though before MacDonald can address the issue that has prompted his highland trip, he has a pilgrimage to attend.

Within the shadows of the cast bronze Commando Memorial at Spean Bridge, MacDonald visits an adjacent garden of remembrance and leaves a tribute under a plaque commemorating his dead son, killed in Afghanistan.

A camouflaged MacDonald lays concealed on a hillside, undertaking surveillance on Campbell’s home. He watches as Campbell loads his vehicle and heads off for a days fishing.

Later that day an armed MacDonald confronts Campbell, who rapidly realises his date with his God draws nears. His pleas and remonstration fall on deaf ears. MacDonald dispatches Campbell into the cold, peat-black, fast running water.

Leaning against his car savouring the scenery, MacDonald watches as first one pair of low flying jets, then another, roar through the glen; twisting and turning. In the distance, the thunder of more aircraft can be heard heading his way.

In one of the Tornados there is an emergency. An automated alarm is sounding. The navigator instructs the pilot to dump weight and gain height to ‘buy’ extra time.

Fuel tanks are discarded, and drop towards terra firma - down onto where MacDonald stands smoking. An explosion. MacDonald is evaporated.

Emergency under control, Flight Lieutenant Siân MacDonald requests her navigator plot a course for RAF Lossiemouth, and home.

She has a reunion later that day with her dying father – the man she hasn’t seen for nine years.

Submitted: July 12, 2020
Last Updated: April 6, 2021

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The Writer: James Shearer

Hello all Thank you for visiting my profile. I am a published author - one book having reached No. 7 in the WHSmith best selling list. Another, I am reliably told by a former guest of one of Her Majesty's establishments, was the most read book in HMP Ford. However, my literary agent does not represent screenwriters, so here I am, etc. A couple of years ago, McCoy Films, a Hollywood production company, attempted to option The Cruciverbalist . Alas, I was given bad advice at my end and foolishly rejected their offer. Such is life. I am now in the process of turning the story into a novel. The screenplay Skydiver was co written with a guy with whom I once worked. He is both ex UK special... Go to bio

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