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If Fooled

Ella wakes up and suddenly closes all curtains in the house. What's going on and what is she afraid of?



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I watched "April Fool's Day (1986)" and got inspired by it. It's such an old movie about such a popular concept that I really don't understand why more is not done with this kind of concept? We have multiple horror movies and comedies about all other holidays, but not this one. And the movie is not even that great. It's weird and the pranks make little logical sense. It's also a bit slow, the acting is bad and all people look the same.

I have a few ideas about April Fools' movies. But I also have a ton of ideas about 1 actor movies that I always wanted to write. I have a lot of people asking about single actor scripts and I haven't really seen any good ones online. I can always offer or show people good scripts about anything else. So it's time that I just got down to business and wrote my ideas down. Also, I have never had any women pick up any of my scripts. Which I also want to change.

Actors: 1 actress. Can be made male. There is also a phone conversation where we don't see the other person.

Location: Apartment or house.

Submitted: January 23, 2019
Last Updated: February 12, 2019

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The Writer: Jurij Fedorov

Try to read the script descriptions to see if I think the script is great or could use more work. I will rewrite all my old stuff from time to time too. If you read something I wrote I would be very thankful if you could just give me an opinion or rating on the screenplay. I'm trying to remove all my unfinished scripts from this site and really need help doing so. I have a master's degree in psychology and love to add science to my scripts. I like to structure complicated plots that take 2 watches to fully get. Info to directors All my scripts are free. If you really are planing to make a short film and film it well without shaky-cam I'm more than willing to let you film any of my... Go to bio

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