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How hard can it be to get arrested and get dental and a free education?

Des O'Leary is a man at his wit's end. He is finding it difficult to finish his thesis, pay his bills, keep his sanity and fix his teeth. The bills are coming due and Des decides on a drastic course of action. He is often fond of saying, "there are only two things worth being in America: one a soldier and the other a prisoner because that's where all the taxes go." He has found a solution to his problem.

Molly Danger, Des' girlfriend and artist, is supportive of his plan but she has plans of her own. He decides to enlist the blessings of his parish priest, Father Guillermo, in his scheme. How hard can it be for an honest man to get arrested?

Des runs into problems, meanwhile Molly's escapades draw the attention of the local police and an ambitious but not too bright anchorman, Barry Sulweitze.

As Des sinks further into despair, Molly's acts prompt an unusual response from the police and the local television news.

Can an honest man find his way to the slammer or is he at the mercy of a culture that pays more attention to the ambitions of the local news?

Submitted: July 15, 2018
Last Updated: July 15, 2018

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The Writer: Karl Scarff

Screenwriter in Vancouver, Canada, I have six scripts completed and working on two more. I prefer character over plot but have a thriller or two under my belt. Mostly drawn to comedy or dramas but willing to take a stab at a horror if the idea is engaging. Go to bio

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