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After losing big, a gambler decides to rob a bank to pay off his debt and escape his merciless boss.



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Chance is winning bet after bet, and it seems like his luck will never run out. So, a connection at the casino sets him up with Caesar, a local cartel boss and drug lord.

When Caesar starts staking Chance, he begins to lose. Big time. Caesar grows angry with Chance, but he agrees to stake him one last time when Chance guarantees he’ll win that night. Just when it appears as though victory is certain, his bet falls through.

Caesar confronts Chance and gives him a choice: take a bullet to the head, or rob a bank to pay it all back. Of course, Chance chooses the latter. But when he returns home he pursues various schemes in hopes of getting himself out of the bank deal. They don’t work. When Caesar hears about his ploys, he kidnaps Skylar to hold as ransom until Chance robs the bank.

Left with no other options, Chance resolves himself to carry out the bank job. Caesar informs Chance that he must make the hit the following day because a rival gang that uses the bank will be there the day after. We learn about a dark secret that motivates Chance to succeed and save Skylar.

Chance and Ronnie, Caesar’s accountant, break into the bank, take everyone inside hostage, and start collecting the money. However, someone inside alerts the authorities. But when they arrive outside the bank, members of the rival gang show up, shoot them, and break in when they realize what’s going down. Chance and Ronnie survive the subsequent shootout, escaping with their lives and some cash just as more police show up.

Both Ronnie and Chance are unable to evade the police, and they’re taken into custody. The FBI offers Chance a deal: If he takes them to Caesar, they’ll lighten his sentence. He holds up his end of the bargain, but his exchange with Caesar goes wrong and a bloody shootout ensues. In the end, Chance redeems himself with Skylar and fulfills his promise to her.

Submitted: May 26, 2021
Last Updated: June 14, 2021

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The Writer: Jake Peter

Jake is an Emerson College alum who specializes in writing tight, fast-paced features with compelling characters and thought-provoking themes, and he's always working on something new (just ask him). Go to bio

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