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When a Hollywood dermatologist down on her luck is left to help inhuman clones battle facial rashes, she must choose between the Hippocratic Oath to save lives, or to save the world.

DOC O’MALLEY (35), a beautiful, highly successful dermatologist is addicted to pills and loses her license to practice, her husband, and her home. Only the African American janitor HERB JACKSON (50), Latina receptionist, MARIANA REYES (25), and Doc’s half-wolf dog (BOTOX) remain behind in her office, where DOC is spending the night until she sorts things out. Herb offers to pay cash if Doc examines a twelve-year-old boy, CASEY, with a facial rash. The boy’s mother, EVE (32) is frightfully worried, because the rash has gotten progressively worse for a year since she adopted him.

Doc finds that the tiny mites that grow on all human faces are astronomically abundant on Casey’s face. Doc’s suspicions are raised further when Mariana reveals her rash on her breasts, but she declines to wash her heavy face makeup off for the exam. Doc’s microscope reveals human skin cells in her two patients, but unbelievably active mites benign to most people. At first, she helps young Casey and Mariana. However, when Eve mysteriously disappears, and Doc finds she is being watched by tiny cameras, she goes on the offensive. When Doc learns that there are twelve people in Herb’s group, all with heavy rashes, she feels outnumbered and alone. She tries to escape, only to be retrained by a heavily armed, neurotic security guard, OFFICER DOWNS (40), who also has a facial rash.

Doc agonizes about the Hippocratic Oath she took to heal the sick, but she dislikes and distrusts her patients because of their inhuman behavior. She plots to take them down with science. She tests their skin, and determines which lotions and creams exacerbate the rashes. As Mariana leaves to distribute a harmful facial cream to the others, we learn the insidious truth: her patients are human clones, and the mites, which have co-evolved on humans, are slowly eating them alive.

Officer Downs has a psychotic meltdown, and is prepared for a shooting spree, when BOTOX attacks him, resulting in Herb being accidentally shot. Confessions begin to spew as the rashes get worse. The clones planned Doc’s addiction, and assured that she lost her license to practice, so she could treat them. But Doc gets her revenge. Her prescribed creams help the two species of mites to hybridize on the clones, and their faces get eaten away. Casey is confused why Doc hasn’t helped them, given her Hippocratic Oath, but Doc has a more important mission now: saving the world. Inevitably, the clones lose the battle for co-existence, or do they? When the police arrive, Doc and her dog have another surprise: the officers have facial rashes, too. But, all along, the real monster is prejudice.

Submitted: February 10, 2020
Last Updated: February 10, 2020
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The Writer: Tom Stohlgren

By day, Tom Stohlgren is a Senior Research Scientist at the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO 80523, and Affiliate Faculty. He wears Hawaiian shirts every day to teach classes, advise graduate students, and conduct research part-time. He received a Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of California, Davis. Tom is recognized as one of the top ten most productive scientists in the world in the field of biological invasions. He is invited around the world to lecture. He has published over 200 scientific papers and a textbook on methods of assessing plant diversity. In his copious spare time, Dr. Stohlgren is a novelist, screenwriter, and... Go to bio
Manager: Eleni Larchanidou, LLM Literary&Talent Manager EMAIL:

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