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Into the Howling Hills

Bryn and Jennifer arrive in the village of Donn Vale, where pagan magic thrives. Donn Vale is marked for fracking and the villagers will make any sacrifice necessary to protect their way of life.



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JENNIFER is having an affair with her university lecturer, BRYN, who decides to take her away for a romantic weekend. They head to the village of Donn Vale to meet Bryn’s parents, MATTHEW, and SARAH.

Jennifer notices the village is under threat from Fracking and informs her activist friends, CALLY and DAN.

After being welcomed with open arms by Matthew and Sarah, Bryn suggests they hike up to the family cabin in the hills to finally consummate their relationship. The next day they begin their ascent, but only after TENANT, the grounds keeper, hands over the keys Bryn forgot.

Bryn points out the Viking stones, placed to defend the village from Fenrir – the wolf god who will bring about the end – and marks Jennifer with red clay in the tradition of those who journey into the hills.

The next day Bryn and Jennifer spot someone watching them. Bryn goes to investigate and vanishes, leaving Jennifer at the mercy of some unseen predator who gives chase through the woods.

After escaping the predator – a wolf? – Jennifer follows the sounds of a baby crying. She discovers a woman, living dead, with her stomach swollen and the crying emanating from within. The woman, a LOST GIRL, has the same clay marking as Jennifer.

Jennifer runs, and manages to find her way to the cabin, but only after being blocked by the hideous apparition of the Lost Girl and the snapping jaws of the wolf behind her.

Meanwhile, Cally and Dan arrive at Donn Vale to meet Jennifer and discuss activist plans. Instead, they meet Stones and the villagers who act cagey about Jennifer’s whereabouts. Stones lets slip Jennifer and Bryn are a couple. Cally suspects trouble. Dan discovers the decades old pictures on the wall have the same villagers – including Stones, Matthew, and Sarah and Tenant – attending the Binding festival. Nobody has aged.

Bryn arrives at the cabin and is reunited with Jennifer. He apologises for giving chase to the intruder and leaving her.

Cally and Dan go to Bryn’s parent’s house to look for Jennifer. They find her belongings, packed up, ready for disposal. In the library they discover a book relating to the Binding Festival. A ritual to keep Fenrir to the hills where he cannot escape or cause ruin to the village. Bookmarking the pages is a picture of Jennifer. Before they can leave, they are discovered by Stones, who followed them.

After sex, Bryn blinds Jennifer and applies ritual make-up to her body with Sarah. Fenrir is held in place by ritual magic sacrifice and she – like the Lost Girl before her – is it. Jennifer failed to realise the Lost Girl was trying to prevent her from reaching the cabin and share her grisly fate.

In the village, Stones explains to Cally and Dan that binding Fenrir keeps the village safe, even from the Fracking companies. Fenrir is change and progress, and they aim to keep the village safely locked in time through magic.

Jennifer is taken to the place of sacrifice. Cally and Dan are bundled into Tenant’s range rover to be dealt with, but they try to escape. Dan is wounded – shot by Tenant - and Cally runs into the woods. There she meets the Lost Girl who points her to the place of sacrifice.

Cally finds Dan and they manage to halt the sacrifice at the pivotal moment. Sarah and Jennifer are both killed, and then Bryn kills Dan. Cally escapes, pursued by Tennant and Bryn as Stones searches for the sacrificial knife. The Lost Girl has it, and despite Stones begging her to wait for a fresh victim, she kills herself and the unborn living-dead child, unbinding Fenrir.

Cally manages to kill both Tenant and Bryn, then she heads to the village with Stones, holding him at gunpoint.

In the village pub, Stones reminisces on the past, turning on Cally and berating her for her lack of understanding about the world and the environment. Sacrifices must be made!

Cally takes aim. Her eyes are now those of Fenrir the wolf. She fires the gun.

Submitted: September 7, 2020
Last Updated: September 7, 2020

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The Writer: Amanda Webster

Starting out creating corporate promos/jingles for radio, I went on to write and produce short films with National Lottery funding. Regularly placed in screenwriting competitions, I won the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing for Children In 2015 with ‘Hex Tecs’ and was a finalist in Idris Elba’s ‘Write to Green Light’ initiative in 2016. I’ve since self-published a children’s illustrated book ‘Mr. Gum ‘s Choppers’ and worked as a freelance lecturer, specializing in screenwriting for children. I co-wrote my first feature ‘Introspectum Motel’ (Flying Mobula Films) and was invited to Cannes Series in 2019 as a shortlisted writer (Final 12 from over 300+ entries.) In 2020, I was shortlisted for the... Go to bio

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