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Cheerful workers try to reassure a job applicant who freaks when a security lockdown interrupts her interview.

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It’s a Great Place to Work
Cheerful workers try to reassure a job applicant who freaks when a security lockdown interrupts her interview.

Chances are we all have an ‘interview from hell’ story or two.

But few can rival that which Colleen experiences when applying for a Lab Tech job at Gropp Pharmagenetics. You think working in an Amazon warehouse sucks the most?  Apply to Gropp; that might change your mind.

“It’s a Great Place to Work” by Chris Hicks takes us on a suspenseful ride through seemingly frightful events. 

No matter where the story rollercoaster loops, "Work" reassuringly holds our hand, screams in delight and rides along.  Which is nothing to be alarmed about.  After all, festival rides are safe and fun. Everything will be okay. We hope.

Take this situation, for example. Dressed in a suit - resume in hand - Colleen's just settling in when alarm bells sound. 

Not exactly a good start, still....

Are you sure everything's okay?

(flustered but trying to sound cheerful)
We're fine! Oh, we're just fine.
Everything is going to be just fine.

The Receptionist crouches down behind the table.

Could you do me a favor and just crouch down here with me?

It’d be hard to be scared with such a comforting character there to ease your mind.  But inevitably - things get worse. For instance, three security guards race down the hallway, scream into walkie-talkies as they fly by.

Maybe it would be easier if I just rescheduled and came back some other time?

Don't be silly! You're here already.
We should just stay put.
Do you hear me? Just, stay put.

Which Colleen does - because Gropp has magnificent benefits. A terrific 401-k... and did we mention yoga class? 

But is improved flexibility and annual dental cleanings worth surviving Code Bravo, Level 3? As things spin out of control, even our cheerful receptionist loses her cool - and gestures the sign of the cross.

Where does this ride end? Who knows? Give the wheel - and this script - a spin. And find out if Colleen agrees with the title or not.

With quirky characters, an emergency situation and humorous dialogue, “It’s a Great Place to Work” is a classically fun amusement ride. One that would be equally thrilling to produce!

Review by Fairly Finfield
Submitted: January 22, 2018
Last Updated: October 2, 2018
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The Writer: Chris Hicks

The bio section. I never know if this should be treated like an origin story or something that could be converted into an obituary by changing the tense of the verbs. Perhaps a blend of the two is the best approach to take. I should include some details about myself. I’m Chris, aka the Chris in Write Chris Write. I have a job, two daughters, and a Subaru Outback. I play video games. I eat food. I read books. I have two black cats. I lie to my dentist about flossing every day. I occasionally order pizza at midnight and then yell "pizza's here" as the delivery driver leaves so he doesn't think I'm going to eat that extra large all by myself. I am. My writing journey started in college with a... Go to bio

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