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When a young family moves into their new home, they soon realize they’re not the only ones living there.

In a seaside town, in the Pacific Northwest, a young family moves into their new rental home. Haley, the teenage daughter of Alice and Jim, starts to experience unexplained phenomena in her bedroom late at night.

Haley’s father confesses that a little girl that used to live in the house went missing from her room months earlier, and for this reason they were able to afford the rent.

Late one night, as Haley prepares for bed, a creature reaches out from under the bed and grabs her. Haley is yanked to the floor and knocked unconscious.

Haley awakens to find herself being dragged down a path in a lush forest by a hairy beast. She manages to grab a stick and shove it up the beast’s ass. Haley escapes and makes her way back to a portal, located under a fallen moss-covered tree.

Haley emerges from under her bed to her worried parents. She explains what happened, and that the little girl that went missing is being held captive by the beast. Reluctant to call the police, the family decides to go in and try to rescue the little girl by themselves.

Armed with homemade weapons, the family enters the portal under their daughter’s bed and emerge in an old growth rainforest. They track down the little girl and free her. They also find the hairy beast wounded and dying. At the insistence of the little girl, they tend to the beast’s wounds before leaving.

After fabricating a story to protect the hairy beast, the little girl is reunited with her family. Haley and her parents return to visit the lonely beast.

Submitted: July 12, 2019
Last Updated: July 14, 2019
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The Writer: Lance West

As a child, my teacher would write in my report card, "Lance constantly stares out the window daydreaming." I’m still staring out that window, but now I’m writing down what I see. I mainly write sci-fi, action-adventures. My screenplays will never win an Academy Award, but if you want to escape for an hour and a half, and go on an exciting adventure, I’m your man. Basically, I'm trying to recreate that feeling I had as a boy watching Star Wars for the first time. That total buy-in from the opening frame to the end credits. Go to bio

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