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It Happened Along the Road

A college graduate on the way to her first big-city job is abducted when an infamous serial killer escapes during a prisoner transport, but to survive she must overcome her fear of confined spaces.



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Complete logline: A college graduate on the way to her first big-city job is abducted when an infamous serial killer escapes during a prisoner transport—to survive, she must overcome her debilitating fear of confined spaces or become his next victim.

Synopsis: When fitness buff AMY RHODES (22) graduates from college and lands a new managerial job, her life’s about to change—but not for the better. Amy has a weakness she’s been struggling with: she’s extremely claustrophobic. Her college roommate has been helping her cope with it, but now college is over and Amy must conquer her phobia alone.

On a stormy night, KAISER PAYNE (42), a convicted murderer, is transported from death row back to the state capital in Richmond, Virginia for a new trial after winning his appeal. HANZEL COTTON (38), the lead contractor in charge of transporting Kaiser Payne, becomes aware of a maintenance issue, deadlining the rear escort Suburban, but he decides to continue with the transport—which turns out to be a grave mistake.

When the lead escort Suburban collides with a deer and the prisoner van caroms off the Suburban, the van rolls down an embankment—Kaiser escapes.

The next morning, a manhunt ensues for Kaiser Payne led by Deputy U.S. Marshal GARY BOND (35), but it’s really Sheriff JACK CONLIN (45) the man who arrested Kaiser Payne before, who’s unrelenting in pursuing Kaiser. Sheriff Conlin’s daughter is believed to be among Kaiser’s twenty victims who are still missing—so it’s personal.

Kaiser has an insatiable appetite for young blonde women and when he crosses paths with Amy—leaving college on her way to her first big-city job—he wants her. Kaiser stages a car wreck along a country road. Amy stops to help him and Kaiser convinces her to give him a ride, then once inside her car… WHAM! Kaiser knocks her out and abducts her.

In peril, Amy must outwit a ruthless serial killer to stay alive. But to escape, she must conquer her fear of confined spaces in order to overcome the monster—Kaiser Payne.

**THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS meets HALLOWEEN. A hair-raising psychological thriller with a terrifying antagonist! The non-stop action pulls you in and doesn’t let go. Please contact me for the pitch deck and/or script. Thank you.** Mark

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Coverfly TOP 20% (Thriller)
Finalist Page Turner, 2022 Screenplay Awards
Quarterfinalist in the 2023 Emerging Screenwriters Genre Competition
Quarterfinalist, Filmmatic - Pitch Now Screenplay Competition Season 5.
*The script received a CONSIDER rating through Screencraft consulting services.*

Submitted: March 14, 2023
Last Updated: March 14, 2023

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The Writer: Mark D. Clark

I have a passion for screenwriting and storytelling. I like to write stories about real-life situations with a twist of suspense and horror. It usually takes me about four to six months to finish a script. I spend a lot of time reading and researching the topic that I’m going to write about. I like using “The Screenwriter’s Bible” and “Save the Cat” as tools of the trade. When writing scripts, I pin down the title and logline before developing the core story. I like using the magnificent seven plot points for story structure. I use two large dry erase boards to record the plot points and other salient ideas as I’m building the story. My script, IT HAPPENED ALONG THE ROAD, a feature thriller... Go to bio

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