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Sally and her family are terrorized by unknown forces when the spirit of Jennet, a 17th century girl, possesses her. The family must discover Jennet's secret to undo a terrible vengeance that's lasted centuries.

Sally Hopkins is the eldest of two daughters in the Hopkins family. For a child of ten years old she's got an old head on her shoulders and is sensitive to and disillusioned by the world around her. She remembers a time before her little sister Sally and before she was the target of the school bully Michael.

The story begins in the picturesque borough of Pendle well known for its mysterious past. Sally's father Dan Hopkins is from the area and has returned with his family to show them where he grew up and because Sally is writing a report for school. They take a tour of the area and visit a museum which provides them with knowledge of the Pendle witch trials of 1612, where ten people were convicted of witchcraft and were hanged on the testimony of a nine year old girl – Jennet Device. After the tour they drive to Dans Grand-parent's house at the foot of Pendle Hill, where Dan reveals to his wife Nicola Hopkins a long held secret.

Jennet Device is a nine year old girl living in the seventeenth century. She has a strained relationship with her Mother, older half sister Alison and half brother James and her only true friend is her five year old brother Billy. She is bullied by children in the local community and is looked on with suspicion and contempt for being illegitimate. After an argument over a land dispute, John Law Snr the head of the Law family, takes his anger out on Jennet and abuses her. Jennet accuses him but he uses his standing in the community and denies Jennet’s accusations. The matter is dropped when he threatens to expose Jennet’s mother as a witch.

Back at the Hopkin's home strange things are happening around the house. At first events are explained away as accidents, but the family start to suspect something else is going on. Sally’s behavior also seems to be worsening. The family start getting physically attacked and when a power cut turns the house pitch black, the full scale of the horror that awaits them is revealed. The family must find the answer to a 400 year old mystery or be enslaved in hell.

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The Writer: D. M. Hall

As an avid film fan I have immersed myself in film making and media since attending Blackpool and the Fylde College's Art & Design course. I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University after studying Design and Art Direction where photography and film making grabbed my interest. I entered the world of advertising when I got a job as a motion graphics designer, creating video adverts in after effects for OOH (out of the home) advertising and have held similar job roles ever since.

My desire to make films has continued and since meeting no budget filmmaker Nik Box I have pushed myself into areas such as editing and script writing to learn as much as I can about the craft... Go to bio