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Joe Plant

A botanist is stabbed by a strange plant and transforms into a human/plant hybrid with plant growing powers. Eventually, he is faced with a decision that could cost him his life.



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While working out in the field, a professional botanist, Joe Smith encounters a strange plant that he can't identify. It stabs him with a thorn which causes him to transform into a human/plant hybrid bestowed with plant generating super powers. He has also acquired the ability to understand and speak with other plants and animals. At first, Joe has trouble adjusting to his new persona. But with the helpful guidance of a friendly hummingbird, he learns to accept his new identity along with his journey of purpose. His goals are ambitious but noble. Since he is by profession an ecologist driven by strong ethics of environmental preservation, he utilizes his restorative gifts to renew damaged and degraded habitats in an attempt to help heal the Earth. He encounters obstacles along the way including greedy real estate developers who destroy his community garden, voracious herbivores who wish to consume him, urinating dogs, Mexican drug cartel kidnappers, and all the while these things are happening to him learning to cope with his own lack of maturity when facing life's challenges. Eventually, he must come to terms with a major decision explained to him by the strange plant that transformed him. The decision he makes could dramatically shorten his lifespan and directly affect his ability to complete his long term personal mission to restore the Earth.
Joe's semi-dark/comedic saga culminates with a dramatic incident. He causes the destruction of a moving freight train. He has lashed out with his pent up anger and frustration leading to the malicious use of his plant growing powers. The loss of his garden property and the strange plant telling him he needs to take root or he will perish does not sit well with his ideologies. He wants to keep traveling the world and restoring ecosystems. Having to 'take root' would impede greatly on his ability to do so. Not wanting to be discovered and arrested, Joe hides in an encampment with the help of some of his homeless friends who believe in his long term ecological purpose. He manages to take flight under the radar and travel to different parts of the world restoring habitats hit hard by destruction. Soon he is overcome with fatigue and starts to experience the symptoms of a withering plant. He returns home to die amongst his friends; having left behind as much of his legacy that he was capable of accomplishing within his shortened life span.

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Submitted: June 12, 2021
Last Updated: October 15, 2021

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The Writer: Hanna Strauss

I am new to screenwriting but have worked in the feature film, animation and commercial industries for over 25 years as a professional storyboard artist. Originally, I was a biology major when I began my academic path in college. Along the way, I switched career goals and studied illustration and comic art. At one point I asked myself the question " is my ultimate career goal to become a scientific illustrator?" Ever since I was a girl I enjoyed creating and drawing stories with sequential art. But while working as an artist, I was offered the opportunity to assist a USGS biologist with his research on snakes. Since then, I have participated in several different wildlife ecology projects... Go to bio