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Judges & Kings

Nine kingdoms collide in epic battles to rule the Holy Realm, while a supernatural enemy devours the living and damns the souls of the dead. A prophecy foretells of One who will end all wars.



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“I’m going to tell you a story. Some of you will hear this story and believe it to be a fairytale. Others will hear it and recognize it as your story.”

Thousands of years before now, in ‘The Days of Jared’, The Watchers arrived from above. Their unquenchable desire was to take for themselves the daughters of man and establish their Fallen Kingdom on our earth. They succeeded. They were not the first, and they were not the worst, but their abomination was unimaginable. It set the stage for the folklore we have passed down through the ages as legend… mythology... religion.
We enter the story shortly after the dawn of human civilization, when a series of supernatural events dramatically changed the landscape of earth and the course of mankind’s destiny forever. These events were so unimaginable that the immortal souls of every generation of mankind has been in danger ever since.
What makes this evil even more terrifying is the cloak of invisibility it is hidden within. Mankind eventually becomes oblivious to the stench of death and decay. Kingdoms rise up and war with one another for wealth and pride… all within the Matrix of a mastermind’s evil scheme. Ignorance is not bliss.
With no hope in sight for the tide of eternal death to be stemmed, an answer comes through an other-worldly messenger: a prophetic promise of One who will come to wage the ultimate war against darkness and restore everything back to its rightful place. But how long must mankind suffer before the promise is fulfilled?
From our unique vantage-point, we will watch nine kingdoms being moved like chess pieces around the board of the known world; manipulated by the evil mastermind (Lucifer) and his Dark Princes. As man’s lust for power becomes intoxicating, the hope of the prophecy dies at the hands of their own rebellion. The stage is set for the utter annihilation of mankind and, with it, a long-awaited victory for evil over good.
But… in a twist of fate, all of the bloodied fragments of a long history are somehow meticulously pieced together for the ancient Promise to finally be fulfilled. Evil will be defeated.
Spanning multiple millennia over the seven seasons, Judges & Kings will methodically choose entry points in the narrative timeline and make use of flashbacks to keep the thrill-ride flowing. We will experience the world evolving before our eyes.
We will first be catapulted into the unimaginably high-tech world of the Anti-Diluvian era (pre Flood era) …a time often put forward by ancient astronaut theorists as the most technologically advanced time mankind has ever experience: advanced civilizations… stargates… wireless energy… demi-gods… megalithic structures that have baffled scientists for years.
We will then journey with our characters and see the world evolving with eyes we are accustomed to… witnessing the Babylonian introduction of indoor plumbing… the Assyrian invention of the military tank… the Phoenician creation of the modern alphabet… Roman aqueducts etc. By building up a gallery of strong characters, all with unique world perspectives, Judges & Kings will give viewers incredible context and far more detail than typically offered in stricter historical accounts of mythology, scripture and conspiracy theory.

As immortal beings, Gabriël and Lucifer (along with the respective Archangels and Dark Princes), will be an ever-present thread throughout Judges & Kings. Their constant role in the narrative will provide a foundation on which the show’s characters and story arcs are built. Gabriël is tasked throughout to commission heroes from across the empires; ordinary women and men who will rise up against the schemes of evil (mortal and immortal) and lead rebellious mankind one step closer to the prophetic promise... and the coming war to end all wars.
What is most exciting, is that strong and influential women throughout history will finally be given the platform they have long deserved. History-makers who were previously robbed of their place in the Halls of Fame.
Each season will make use of fresh new characters and heroes, operating in the ever-expanding story universe. Each season will be able to stand alone as an autonomous entity while still moving the overall story forward and building towards the grand finalé. By using callbacks to prior set-ups, we will keep all the seasons interconnected and enthralling.
With each season having its own unique message (‘pride & honor’, ‘triumphant love’, ‘good v evil’ etc.), we will call on the visionary expertise of international directors and storytellers to steer home the important underlying themes.
Our journey will take us through the eras of The Watchers and the Clash of the Titans... The Epic of Gilgamesh... the genesis of The Prophecy to Abraham... the rise and fall of the Egyptian Empire... the Giants of Canaan... the Trojan Wars in the Aegean and the rise of The Sea People... the birth of the Order of the Magi... the Davidian Dynasty... the Assyrian goddess of war and crucifixion... the Babylonian destruction of The Temple of YAHWEH... The rise of Cyrus The Great’s Achaemenid Empire and the decree of human rights... Socrates, Plato & Aristotle... the Battle of Thermopylae and the conquests of Alexander the Great... The Maccabean revolt and the rule of the Roman Empire.
Just as the Marvel Universe brings together all our superheroes, over twenty six movies, for a massive showdown and a glorious triumph over Thanos, Judges & Kings too is an intricate tapestry of over 70 interconnected, all-time best-selling books, carefully woven together and brought to life in one story universe for the first time… and climaxing in a truly enthralling finalé. The ultimate endgame.
In the end, we will see that Judges & Kings is not so much about the battles between the powers and religions of earth, but about the war that wages between the Principalities, Powers and Fallen Angels in both an alternate realm and ours. Superpowers colliding… bringing the war to mankind… for mankind.
With the clock running out, Lucifer is determined to distract mankind with the seductions of sex, wealth, war, bigotry and empty idols. He will do anything it takes to stop mankind from ever knowing their God. From the shadows of mythology and fueled by hatred, he will lead mankind’s estranged souls to the eternal damnation he himself must one day suffer.
Like sands through the hourglass, so too is the plight of mankind’s eternal existence. The destiny of all mankind will eventually lie in the hands of one man alone… at one magnanimous moment in time.

Judges and Kings is the greatest true story ever assembled.

Submitted: October 29, 2020
Last Updated: November 27, 2020

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The Writer: David Newton

I entered this world in Cape Town, South Africa to British parents... then moved to Los Angeles to pursue life in 'The Industry'. The enticing incident of this story happened when I made a cross-road deal... and was inadvertently hurled into a standup comedy and acting career. Standup comedy was good to me and taught me failure and character arcs... and somehow earned me awards along the way. Ten years into it, I was commissioned by a Hollywood producer to adapt one of my comedy routines into a rom-com screenplay (which took me into rooms with big-wigs at Warner Bros.)... and shortly afterwards I had my first television pilot optioned by another production company. It turned out, much to my... Go to bio

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