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Kidnap in Room 12



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The events of a ghastly kidnap unexpectedly force an oblivious wife to confront the truth about her shady husband.

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The Writer: Victor Daniel-Kalio

Victor Daniel-Kalio is a 21 year old screenwriter with a global perspective. With a brain that spuns entertaining, incredible, outrageous, and unexpected story by the minute, Victor is by far one of the most gifted creatives of today. 

Victor hails from Nigeria, a country rich in its culture of storytelling - a culture that is soaked deep in the bloodstream of this creative mind. 

He writes story in a vast number of genres for a vast number of content formats. Adventure, horror, mystery, rom com, Victor has the ability to take any idea, any prompt, any thought, and weave it into such compelling, detailed's breath-taking to watch. 

He cites his greatest... Go to bio