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A psychopathic aristocrat hires an infamous hit-man to kill his wife, after failing to do so himself, but the assassin falls for her considerable charms, and plans to protect her from her husband.

Bluebeard, the current, modern day embodiment of the psychopathic aristocrat found in classic French fables, hires the professional killer known as Wolf to murder his wife Amber, the embodiment of the fairy-tail character of Red Riding-hood , after having tried but failing to do so himself. Bluebeard instructs Wolf that his wife has certain charms, and that in delivering her death, he can be as violent and sadistic as it pleases him, but that he’s only wish, his only objection is that Wolf does not fornicate with her, that he doesn’t cross that line. Wolf reassures him that he is a professional, that he doesn’t let distraction interfere with the work.

However, after following her around and taking photos in secret, Wolf finds himself infatuated by Amber and decides to confront her, warn her about her husband's intentions, and help save her life. He asks that she come back to his place and stay there for a few days so that he can help get her safely away. He promises her that he will give her half of the money Bluebeard will pay for the hit, as long as she leaves town and never returns.

Amber agrees but then proceeds to seduce Wolf, and they end up in bed together. A romance flourishes between them, and they soon decide to make a get-away with the money for the job. Bluebeard, however, has instructed his trusted bodyguard Connor to keep an eye on Wolf. After a few days of surveillance, Connor discovers Wolf's intentions and betrayal of Bluebeard. Connor decides to take matters into his own hands. He enters Wolf's apartment when Amber is there alone and proceeds to torment and attack her, with the intention of giving her a slow, painful death. Amber fights back with everything she’s got, but Connor overpowers her and his hands squeeze around her neck. Wolf enters the apartment in the nick of time and him and Connor square off. A big fight ensues, and just when it looks like Wolf is about to lose, Amber repays the favour saving his life as she sneaks up on Connor and stubs him dead.
Wolf goes to Bluebeard to give him Amber’s wedding ring and a lock of her hair, as well as made-up pictures of a ’dead’ Amber , in order to collect the money. The exchange takes place, but then, just as Wolf is about to leave, Bluebeard's arrogant behaviour provokes him, and he admits to bedding Amber.

The two men square off and Wolf is given Bluebeard's reassurance that if victorious, he can walk out of there with his life and the money. Wolf wins the fist fight and Bluebeard keeps his word and lets him leave, but not before letting Wolf know that he is now aware that Amber is still alive, and that he knows Wolf has fallen for her charms. Wolf picks up the bag with the money and leaves, not knowing that the bag has a tracer on it.

Now that the game is up and Bluebeard knows the truth, Wolf and Amber have little choice but to take the money and make a run for it. Wolf drives Amber out of the city and into the woods to an old cabin he uses as a hideaway. However, after following the tracer on the money-bag, Bluebeard and his men arrive at the cabin the next morning. A big battle then takes place in which Bluebeard and his men all end up dead.

Having survived the big fight, Amber and Wolf walk to the car to leave the woods. However, before they get in, Amber points a gun at Wolf and tells him to hand over the bag. Wolf asks Amber if it was all about the money and she replies that it wasn't just that – that the sex was good too. Wolf stands in front of Amber, ready to make his move; while Amber tells him not to be foolish, that he can still walk away and that he does not need to get killed. Wolf is not intimidated by Amber and goes for the gun but Amber shoots him in the leg and he drops to the ground. Amber walks around him, places the gun at the back of his head and says: 'Who's afraid of the big bad Wolf?'
She pulls the trigger.
She then picks up the money, gets in the car and drives off.

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The Writer: Iannis Aliferis

Iannis is an award winning writer and filmmaker. His dramedy screenplay Mary and Dionysus was a Semi Finalist at the Shore Scripts Feature Screenplay Competition 2018, while his horror film Flesh won a Bronze Award at the Spotlight Horror Film Awards 2017. Prior to that, his short film Headz won a Gold Lion Award at the 2016 London Film Awards. When he’s not writing screenplays or making films, he pens short stories and comic books. He also loves to eat and sleep. He’s a sucker for whiskey, dark chocolate and honey. Finally, he is a firm believer that mankind was at its best during the thousands of years we were hunter gatherers but knows that, unfortunately, he wouldn't last two days alone... Go to bio

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