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Last Chance (1863)



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Modern Boyhood friends time-travel to the U.S. Civil War and accidently allow a murderous Confederate spy to re-arm the South with modern munitions.
Submitted: December 21, 2019
Last Updated: December 21, 2019
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The Writer: Cumberlain Rattlesnake

I directed and won my first filmmaking award way back in 1980. It was my first film and it was my baby. I entitled it “Feedback!” and it took second place. The guy that took first-place had a beautiful blonde three teeth. My FEEDBACK! movie featured digital feedback fed into a camera and re-fed into an old 1950’s T.V. which was re-fed into the video camera; the Video-feed was then re-routed into the audio; the result was a funky buzz which matched the pattern on the screen; this resulting buzz was then down-potted and mixed with the audio. I believe that when you read my works, you are gunna be blown away with unique ideas which are filmable, perhaps low-ish-cost. Not the same old bullspit... Go to bio
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