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Last Stop

Police Officer James Smiley and former homeless man-turned-Homeless Outreach Worker Tommy McInnis worked together in the subways helping homeless people from 1993 to 2002.



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This script’s about a real story of real people doing an important job in a real city, “The City.” New York is an amazing place. Nowhere else can you get the full spectrum of the human experience combined in one strip of real estate. There are larger, more populated metro centers, but none with the range of citizenry. Tommy McInnis and James Smiley worked the unkind streets of NYC assisting its most vulnerable and unlucky, the homeless. Tommy McInnis, was an MTA Connections outreach worker and James Smiley was an NYPD Transit Police Officer working the Homeless Outreach Unit. This book, written in the gritty street parlance of the town that fans of Law And Order have come to love, documents their story. It’s good to see a the tale told from this perspective. Tommy was once homeless but turned his fortune around. Too many people glance past the forgotten of society. It’s easy to say they live that way because they want to, that they deserve to because they choose that lifestyle due to drugs, alcohol or negative mental temperament. The homeless here in San Diego are a growing section of the community, with whole families sent curbside because of corrupt lending practices in the real estate mortgage industry. Here the homeless come west if they’re close to the coast. Interstate 10 dead ends at the beach and then it’s “OK, everyone off the bus, last stop!” This book provides at least one person’s answer to the question, “Where do you go from there?”

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2 wins & 5 nominations | 4 additional awards

American Filmatic Arts Awards, Brooklyn
Won, Honorable Mention - Best Short Narrative Fiction
Honorable mention for The Codependent Therapist (2018)
Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival, NJ
Nominated, Best First Time Director
Director for The Codependent Therapist (2018)
The Cutting Room International Short Film Festival
Nominated, CRISFF Award
Best Comedy Short for The Codependent Therapist (2018)
The Codependent Therapist
Nominated, CRISFF Award
Best Actor in a Comedy Short for The Codependent Therapist (2018)
Tommy McInnis, The Codependent Therapist
Buffalo Niagara Film Festival
2nd place, Genre Award
Most Innovative Writing for Camp Camden
Depth of Field International Film Festival Competition
Won, Script Writing Silver
Script Writing for Camp Camden
Back in the Box, California
2nd place, Best Screenplay
Screenplay for Camp Camden
Additional awards
* not verified by IMDb
Depth of Field International Film Festival *
Camp Camden Action Drama screenplay Silver award
Beverly Hills Screenplay Competition *
Last Stop - Drama - Bronze Award
Last Stop, an adaptation from the book Last Stop: A Survivor's Story, was awarded a Bronze in the 2017 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest
Back of the Box *
Camp Camden - Finalist
Camp Camden, a feature length screenplay, was nominated for "best Screenplay, Feature Length."
American Filmatic Arts awards *
Honorable mention Fiction short comedy film
Award Winner The Codependent Therapist

Bast on the book, Last Stop: A Survivor's Story
Submitted: June 6, 2020
Last Updated: June 6, 2020

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The Writer: Tommy McInnis

Tommy McInnis was born in Staten Island, NY to working class parents. His mother worked in banking, and his dad worked as a real estate agent. Tommy got his first taste of the arts in the 6th grade. His teachers noticed that he could actually carry a tune, so he was called upon to sing solos in school music pageants. His next venture wouldn't come until he was a young adult. Having no stage experience, but having a desire to be of service, he became part of a theater group that was formed to raise funds for a church in Manhattan's Upper East Side. Writing sketches and performing as various characters, the show was very well received, with the performance being sold-out. So, they put on... Go to bio

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