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After saving a teenager from an attempted suicide an old preacher convinces her to give him twelve hours to prove to her that life is worth living.

After saving a teenager from trying to drown herself an old preacher convinces her to give him twelve hours to prove life is worth living.

They embark on a journey of discovery for the teenager as she comes to understand the world is not what she thought it to be. Before long, it becomes apparent that neither is the preacher as he is being pursued aggressively by the local authorities.

The teenager is exposed to people who help her to get perspective on her life, but things start to go sideways after they stop to pick up Rebecca, an old woman dying of lung cancer.

In their efforts to avoid the fast closing authorities they find sanctuary at a hidden commune where the leader encourages them to stay with him as he promises to keep them safe.

Against all advice the preacher chooses to honor his promise and return the teenager to her home, to the place of her attempted suicide. The authorities box them in and the mystery, weirdness, and the truth of the night and the world are revealed when the pursuing authorities are shown to be angels from heaven. Rebecca sacrifices herself to the angels to try and buy them some time.

They have been in purgatory and the preacher has escaped heaven to find her and convince her not to go through with the suicide. After they arrive back at the lake where the teenager tried to drown herself the preacher reveals that he is her long dead father. Proving to her that love exists and that is all that she needs.

As the dark angels rapidly approach the preacher returns the teenager to the water where she transitions back to our world, opens her eyes, removes her stone filled jacket and fights to get back to the surface.

Preacher surrenders to the angels, fully expecting to be sent to hell for escaping heaven, but instead he is reunited with Rebecca (his mother) and returned to heaven.

Submitted: May 28, 2018
Last Updated: May 28, 2018
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The Writer: Stephen Coates

With well over a decade of experience crafting intriguing and compelling stories, Stephen Coates is an accomplished screenwriter. His independent genre bending feature ‘John Doe: Vigilante’ was released theatrically in the USA and other select countries. He is a screenwriter of choice for producers looking to rewrite and take their projects to the next level and he is in strong demand as a story consultant by many directors, producers and other writers. With John Doe under his belt Stephen can add producing, post production, and finance expertise to his already impressive skill set. He also owns a fast growing transmedia and game development company Divisive Media. Go to bio

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